‘Hello Neighbour’ Officially Released Today on Xbox One & PC

Have you ever had an ongoing feud with your neighbour? Have you ever hated your neighbour with a passion, or even suspected your neighbour of hiding some very dark secrets within their home? We know sone of you people out there must have, and if you haven’t, now you can live that life of suspicion and terrorise/be terrorised by your neighbour in a perfectly safe environment, free from real world consequences. That’s right, ‘Hello Neighbour’ has officially been released today on Xbox One and PC as a fully revamped and completed game, after Alpha and Beta trials of the game had been released and played by the developer since late 2015.

Somehow this game has come to popularity over its simple premise, where you face off against your mysterious neighbour by sneaking into their home unnoticed, and in unearthing whatever dark secrets that they may be hiding. What sort of general mischief can you unleash on your neighbour? Let’s find out from this early announcement trailer.

If you thought that was impressive, that was just the earliest version of the game’s graphics and gameplay. This game has been initially marketed as a stealth horror game, with very dark undertones, but we think of it more as a suspense game, inclusive of sneaking into your neighbour’s home since that alone is a lot of fun. Just make sure you don’t get caught, ’cause that’s when the violence will break out and things quickly turn into a full scale neighbour war.

The game has very endearing cartoon like graphics, reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss world, or something straight from the mind of Tim Burton, but seemingly also takes inspiration from the 1989 film ‘The Burbs’, but don’t let the friendly cartoony aesthetic fool you! Things get sort of creepy as you play… Watch for the creaking floor boards as you tip-toe into your neighbour’s house unannounced, then scramble to leave before you get caught through an open window, or alternatively, just hide behind some wooden furniture to try and stay undetected. You can even play evil tricks on your neighbour by turning on their TV when they’re not in the room, causing some serious alarm to them.

Surprise! This man doesn’t take kindly to trespassers. Credit: Steam

This game has some good clean and wholesome fun within it, along with a tense soundtrack, if we may say so ourselves. Just watch out for the CCTV cameras or any of the booby traps that your neighbour may have set for you, and we think you’ll be juuuust fine. Probably.

Below is a more accurate depiction of the current graphics and gameplay that you can come to expect from the new game, which boasts random home layout generation each time you play a new game session, making sure that you won’t get bored of playing the exact same game over and over again. Take a look!

Whilst this might not look like the biggest budget blockbuster game of all time, what it lacks in that department, it makes up for in the ingenious and suspenseful gameplay, which more than makes up for it’s lack of a massive advertising campaign and smaller niche audience/players. At least they have a nice pool of YouTube gamers to help promote the game on the video platform.

What’s the appeal of the game? Well, to recap, who hasn’t had a neighbour that they despise, or even a neighbour that you suspect is some sort of creepy serial killer that might be hiding something sinister under their floorboards? This game is a chance for you to live out that “creepy neighbour” film scenario, and give you control in finding out once and for all everything about your potentially evil neighbour. If you’re thinking you might want to pick this game up for yourself, we’ve got you covered! You can buy the game on the links down below, for both Xbox One, as well as the PC version. Looks like you’ve got your weekend plans all set out already, buddy. You can thank us later! Have a great weekend!

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Featured Photo Credit: Steam

Buy the ‘Hello Neighbour’ Xbox One Game here!

Buy the ‘Hello Neighbour’ PC Game here!

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