Ryan Reynolds To Play “Detective Pikachu” In New Pokemon Film

We think it’s fair to say the film industry is running out of ideas these days, and it seems no animated film or show is safe from the live action attack. This time however, this new one is a little bizarre to say the least. According to Variety Magazine, actor Ryan Reynolds has signed on to play Detective Pikachu in a new live action Pokemon film.

The film will be directed by Rob Letterman, and will begin shooting in London this January.

Ryan will play the main character, out on an investigation to find a missing parent. Also appearing in the film will be Justice Smith (soon to be seen in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’) and Kathryn Newton (Big Little Lies).

Source: UMad

The Pokemon franchise has been going strong since 1998, and was first released as a video game known as Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Green for Japan, and Pokemon Blue and Red in other countries. Since then, it has released 18 other video games on other platforms, as well as a few spin-off games. It also has an ongoing anime series and trading card game, both of which were huge hits for those who grew up in the 90’s-2000’s.

The Detective Pikachu character was introduced through a video game released in Japan last year, titled Great Detective Pikachu.

The company behind the film, Legendary Entertainment, also made ‘Jurassic World’ and the film adaptation of ‘Warcraft’, so you know they’ve got this sort of thing down to a tee.

There’s little we know about the film as of yet, but judging from the Japanese game trailer, we imagine Ryan Reynold’s Pikachu will take form in CGI. Perhaps it’ll be a similar kind of style to the Paddington Bear films, both of which have received good critical feedback so far. Let’s give this crazy idea a chance.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out, and perhaps other countries outside of Japan may even get a video game release too. Who knows?

What do you original Pokemon enthusiasts think of all this latest news? Do you think it’ll be a fun new adventure for the Pokemon world to explore, or just a bad idea to make the Pokemon universe into a generic live action movie? Let us know in the comments section below.


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