Manchester United & Manchester City’s Post Match Tunnel Brawl Could Result in Bans

Yesterday saw the meeting of two power houses of football in Manchester, Manchester United and Manchester City, playing in some seriously cold conditions to determine who had the bragging rights over each other, as well as one team being able to say that they have one hand firmly on the title, even before the Christmas break.

The game finished 2-1 to Manchester City, with Manchester United losing at home. The game which could’ve gone either way is currently being remembered more for what happened in the tunnel after the match than for what happened on the pitch.

Yes, this news is about what occurred post match inside the tunnel. A brawl broke out between players and staff members after Manchester City proceeded to celebrate their win with loud music and loud cheering coming inside their dressing room. What happened after this is still yet unclear as the FA have yet to release the CCTV footage of the incident, however, it is stated that a water bottle was thrown by Romelu Lukaku, which broke and cut open the head of assistant Manchester City coach Mikael Arteta, leaving blood gushing out from above his eye.

Lukaku had a howler of a game against Manchester City once again. Credit: Tribunews

What happened during the match you ask? David Silva took the opening goal 43 minutes in from a scrappy set play, where Romelu Lukaku¬†seemingly managed to nod the ball in, leaving Silva onside and inside the 6 yard box to slot home from close range. That’s one assist for Lukaku to the opposing side.

However, five minutes later during injury time in the first half, Markus Rashford managed to latch onto a mistake made by Nicolas Otamendi to slot home to leave the teams at 1-1 at half time.

Fast forward to the second half, and in the 53rd minute, another set-play by Manchester City made the ball fall to Romelu Lukaku inside his own area. He proceeded to clear the ball against the back of his own defender, Chris Smalling, sending the ball towards United’s goal, only for Nicolas Otamendi to latch onto it and score from close range. Once again, another goal lost to bad defending from United. A disastrous clearance from Lukaku gave him an unwilling “assist” to the opposing team. Watch the full highlights of the match here, if you don’t believe us!

After that, Lukaku managed to hit the Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson in the face from seven yards out, which should’ve been a definite goal, however, it wasn’t meant to be. Manchester City held on, and the game finished 2-1 to Man City.

After the match, Jose Mourinho had called for the Manchester City players to show more respect after their victory instead of rubbing United’s noses in the defeat, so to speak, with their loud music and cheering. Jose Mourinho approached the dressing room to ask them to keep it down, when he was suddenly approached by goalkeeper Ederson. They squared up to each other, shouting in Portuguese.

Some time later, a tunnel fracas ensued wherein Jose Mourinho had water squirted at him, was hit by an empty water bottle, and a milk carton was tossed from one team at the other. In the crossfire, Romelu Lukaku managed to hit his intended target this time (not a goal, but oh well), resulting in Mikael Arteta receiving a water bottle to the head, producing the bloody wound which he tried to hide the next morning, as pictured below.

Mikael Arteta hiding his left eye from the cameras this morning. Credit: CavendishPress

Twenty players and staff were involved in the changing room melee, which is now being described as the new “WaterGate” due to all the water bottles being thrown around.

The Football Association can now ask for CCTV footage to be disclosed, and do not need to wait for the word from match official Michael Oliver in order to do so.

Manchester City played well, but Manchester United might have won if it weren’t for the defensive mistakes from Romelu Lukaku in both halves. Kind of makes us wonder how much longer Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be denied a starting place. Should Lukaku’s erratic performances continue, we see no reason why he shouldn’t be replaced.

Surely by now, Jose Mourinho will have come to his senses and drop Romelu Lukaku to the bench in the forthcoming match for the more experienced and clinical finishing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Could any bans come out of the post match brawl inside the Old Trafford tunnels? Credit: GettyImages

Let’s recap: Lukaku is 24-years old, and there’s plenty of years for him to play at United, but with Zlatan, they only have him until the end of the season, so when Lukaku isn’t performing, it’s idiotic to leave Zlatan on the bench and expect him to change the game in only 15 minutes of play towards the end of a match. That’s absurd!

Only time will tell if there will be any match bans resulting from the CCTV footage being reviewed by the FA. This is an incident which is said to have left eyewitnesses shocked and appalled, with some rumors stating that police had to be called to the scene to form a blockade between the dressing rooms, as well as suggesting that punches had been thrown. How embarrassing…

This clearly marks the embarrassing truth from the world of football, with overpaid players that are as bad mannered as they are uneducated,¬†behaving like petulant and aggressive Neanderthal children after a big match such as this one. We do believe certain, more respectable players, didn’t part take in the childish incident, or so at least we hope so…


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Featured Photo Credit: Diario AS South Africa

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