Britain First Rally Forced to Cancel Due to Snowflakes

Yesterday, as “Black Ice Monday” took hold, causing travel chaos across the United Kingdom, deputy leader of the Britain First organisation, Jayda Fransen, was grounded at the airport and unable to fly to Belfast for a rally to protest against her arrest and current court case, due to snowflakes. Pretty ironic, to say the least…

The flight cancellation also means that she may not be able to make her court date on Thursday the 14th of December at Belfast, where she is accused of hate speech after condemning the Rotherham rape gang who groomed underage girls for sex.

The Britain First deputy leader has been called controversial for speaking out against the Muslim Rotherham teen grooming rape gang responsible for terrible crimes of which they are currently in prison for.

Due to the adverse weather conditions, Britain First were unable to fly to Belfast for yesterday’s protest, and now it is unsure whether or not the court case will go ahead on time.

Britain First held back by snowflakes? Oh dear. Credit: Twitter

Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding had waited at the airport for several hours yesterday whilst everything around them ground to a halt due to the snowflakes sprinkling down. Golding said, “Unfortunately because of this snow storm that’s causing chaos at airports we’re not going to be able to make it over to Belfast today.”

“We’ve been stranded here at the airport for a good three to four hours now and the snow storm is showing no sign of abating whatsoever. We’re not going to make it over to Belfast now. We’re going to have to postpone the Belfast rally that was supposed to take place at 3pm until the new year.”

Jayda Fransen, 31, garnered the support of President Donald J. Trump late last month after he retweeted three videos from her Twitter page. One showed a Muslim immigrant beating a Dutch national on crutches, another showed Syrians throwing a non-Muslim man off a building and beating him to death, as well as a bearded Islamic man smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary, which supposedly caused uproar in the UK.

Anyway, as far as the liberal mass media are concerned, they continue to paint Britain First as a far-right group, and Fransen must face a court case after being arrested in Bromley by Northern Ireland police for making a “hate speech” condemning the Rotherham rape gang on August 6th. This case will commence on Thursday the 14th of December in Belfast, if it goes ahead on time, and is a very serious case which puts the element of Freedom of Speech on the line. A legal precedent against freedom of speech could arise as a result of the case too.

Jayda Fransen, delivering the bad news to her followers. Credit: Twitter

A statement on the cancelled events Facebook page read: “The PSNI and the PPS are prosecuting Britain First NI leader Jayda Fransen for giving an ‘anti-Islamic’ speech! Jayda has been charged and is currently on bail awaiting trial. Join us in Belfast to demand free speech for Jayda and for these charges to be dropped.”

Let’s hope that freedom of speech can be retained and that society doesn’t develop into an full blown 1984 scenario, eh?

Free Jayda Fransen from these crazy charges, and help to preserve the right to free speech. It’s definitely clear that Britain First and Jayda Fransen have been given unjust media coverage, and that she has also been treated unfairly for exercising her right to freedom of speech.


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Featured Photo Credit: The Daily Mail 

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