‘The Disaster Artist’ Nominated For Two Golden Globes

‘The Disaster Artist’ has been nominated for two Golden Globes, one for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture. Pretty great news for a comedic drama biopic film about Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s escapades in making one of the worst films of all time, ‘The Room‘.

Now that the nominations are in, the question remains: will Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero join James Franco, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen at the Golden Globe awards? We know that James Franco is working towards that end, so let’s hope that Tommy Wiseau will get to walk the red carpet as the central figure of this wondrous and endearing biopic film about the courageous and creatively blind venture in making ‘The Room’ into a reality. If he doesn’t show up, fans of Tommy Wiseau and ‘The Room’ will literally be torn apart.

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With much interest in Hollywood waning lately due to politics, hints to the occult, and the various sexual assault scandals popping up everyday, what Hollywood really needs right now (and from now on) is to embrace new talent, including independent writers and film makers, more so than ever before… With Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in attendance at The Golden Globes, it will solidify the notion of what it should really be all about, which is actually making films and most of all, restoring faith in the founding ideals of Hollywood. That’s what Hollywood should be about, not politics, elitist agendas, and liberal propaganda. It should purely be about the creation of film.

Nothing epitomises filmmaking (although pretty badly) more so than the story of Tommy Wiseau, who’s dream was to become a success in Hollywood, only for success to reach him via his $6 million independent foray into the craft of writing, producing, directing, and acting in his own film, as the auteur that he has become known as today, some fourteen years later.

The novel ‘The Disaster Artist’ by Greg Sestero cited his experience in being apart of the journey of ‘The Room’, and through James Franco’s reprisal of the 2003 story based on the book written by one of the main characters of the film, will now go on to become a cult classic movie in of itself. This movie has given us all the chance to fall in love with filmmaking all over again, since this new comedy drama captures the true story of one man’s determination to make himself a success, against all odds.

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Just imagine all the long days on the set of that film. When it comes to film nowadays, it’s the endearing stories that people really want to see, no matter how bad, and not so much about action packed films based on comic book characters without a real plot anymore. People want something different across all genres, and ‘The Disaster Artist’ delivers what we all want to see, which is something entirely different. Something that James Franco does very well.

We hope Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau will attend the Golden Globes with the Franco brothers, plus, we sincerely hope that the Academy will further nominate ‘The Disaster Artist’ for the Oscars as well, so that Tommy Wiseau can also be seen walking the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards next year on February 10th, 2018. That would be something we could all really look forward to.

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Maybe, juuust maybe, it might put some faith back into Hollywood, and that’s something the film industry really needs right now after too much focus on politics and liberal divisions, made over the last year, with the liberal multi-millionaire social justice warrior agenda and the censoring of any conservative logic being extremely rife. Let’s hope Hollywood can change and be more liberal to other viewpoints, as they so claim that they are, despite having a very important anti-establishment President that’s currently running the country.

It’s time to suck it up and change with the times, as most people are and have been clued up on what’s really been going on, and definitely feel that Hollywood should be devoid of political motivation and discrimination.

The Golden Globes will take place on January 8th, 2018, so lets forget all about the bad stuff and just binge watch all the nominated movies before the big awards day. Here’s to hoping to see Tommy Wiseau at the event!

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So true Tommy, so true…

Brainstain, over and out!

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