Why The United Kingdom Should Welcome Donald Trump With A State Visit

Today we’ve been scouring the world for some newsworthy topics, and we found something that we couldn’t agree more on, and that is that Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States of America, should be welcomed to the United Kingdom with a state visit. Yes, we agree with the sentiment proposed by The Sun columnist Ron Liddle, who wrote that despite what left-wing imbeciles and the lying news media says, there’s a whole lot of people unaccounted for in the United Kingdom who think that President Donald Trump shouldn’t just be welcomed, but also be given a carpeted state visit to the country. Wouldn’t that be something to behold?

After all, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma were given full state visits, right? So was Barack Obama, even though he systematically bombed seven muslim nations all at the same time. How progressive.

Anyway, the United States is the UK’s biggest ally in these times of effervescent socialist corruption, brainwashing of the youth through liberal indoctrination in schools, as well as the use of the fake news media telling you what and how to think.

Let’s be clear, there are still people out there who can manage to think for themselves, and who see through the complete and utter bullsh*t that the colluded mainstream news media spews out on a daily basis. Sadiq Khan isn’t “President” of the United Kingdom, nor does he speak for the majority of the English either.

President Donald Trump speaking recently at the White House. Credit: AM 1170 The ANSWER

Donald Trump will visit the United Kingdom next year, despite what deranged leftists think. Not that what they think holds much value anyway, since they garnered their opinions from the lying news media, and therefore only repeat what they hear on the news. Heck, they’ll undoubtedly get in an uproar about everything being racist or something too. There’s still a grand portion of the population who would like to see Donald Trump not just be welcomed to the UK with open arms, but also be granted a full state visit, complete with a red carpet rolled out for him when he does arrive. That would be the smart and just thing to do.

Despite Theresa May ironing out a somewhat unfavourable Brexit divorce deal, said to be in the region of £50 billion or so, (a bad deal in the words of Donald Trump), the fact remains that the United Kingdom should now try to iron out better trade deals with the USA, leave the EU single market at the door, and start thinking about worldwide trading instead. That’s something that will boost the economy for years to come, by going as far away from the disaster that is the EU post-haste.

What people need is vision, not more brainwashing, but in these days of iPhone’s, social media apps, and idiotic snowflakes everywhere, along with the lying red news media networks like the BBC and CNN shuffling at the feet of the big time funder and fake philanthropist George Soros, pushing indoctrination to meagre minds through the ultimate opinion maker to form public opinion (i.e. through your television), what people really need to be aware of is the preservation of the United Kingdom, away from these evil and colluded ties of socialist corruption throughout the EU and the media machine. The UK must break free from what it is told to think, before it literally turns into the epitome of George Orwell’s book ‘1984’.

George Orwell’s book “1984”. Credit: Washington Post

Should people hide their true feelings to cater to Sadiq Khan and all the other whiny cry babies out there? The answer is “No”. Instead, what they should be doing is making their voices heard and support Donald J. Trump, but not at a regular visit, but at a full on state visit.

However, in doing so, won’t the UK be called racists for supporting Trump’s visit? Well guess what? That’s another socialist construct ideology that’s up for debate right now. It’s splayed out by the lying news media to conform to the elitist agenda of ruining Europe, much like political correctness. It’s one of the other factors as to why the UK decided to leave the European Union.

What the United Kingdom needs to do is to take a page out of the book of Donald Trump and preserve British culture, not the culture of snowflakes, the red news media, and open borders that allow Jihadis to roam free because of political correctness fears. The authorities think it’s a good idea to police Twitter for supposed Islamophobia. According to Sadiq Khan’s logic, we can’t monitor terrorists and known terrorist sympathisers, but we can have a team on Twitter with their eyes open for Tweets questioning Islam, even after several serious terror attacks. Plus, let’s not forget he called moderate muslims “Uncle Tom’s” too.

Anyway, if you need any more reasons as to why socialism doesn’t work, why not look up Venezuela and the endeavours of Germany and Sweden to see just how well that cultural enrichment is working out for them. You’ll probably have to dig quite deep to find them all though, since they don’t exactly want people to know about it. A socialist country will cover up migrant crimes to keep the population docile, and then preach about a socialist utopia whilst burning cars, gang rapes, teen grooming gangs and bombs are going off left, right and centre. Then they’ll have the nerve to write/speak positively about the so-called “religion of peace”, and accuse anyone else of thinking otherwise that they’re simply a racist.

Germany’s got a real problem with those refugees. Credit: Maclean’s

We are yet to see the day when Europeans march into the Middle East and demand the building of Christian churches and free socialist handouts, whilst popping out children for a bigger pay check direct from the government, and having the Middle East agreeing to it all out of fear of being called “racists”. All in the name of political correctness, right?

That simply doesn’t happen out there, so why should people continue to let it happen in Europe and the UK? That’s a big question. Do you want to have your opinions formed by certain news media corporations that are in on a financial coup for spewing out their left-wing rhetoric?

Having your own logical thoughts and awareness of reality doesn’t make you a racist in the very least. Being pro-moderate muslim who doesn’t support radical Islam and Sharia Law zones in your own country also doesn’t make you a racist.

We think it’s time for equal and unbiased news for conservative views, as well as the rights of free speech to be restored for the sake of the logical progression of a nation and the world as a whole, instead of a conglomerate communist think-tank that’s been put in place to form the opinions of minds that cannot think for themselves. We welcome Donald J. Trump to the United Kingdom, and hope that one day the rest of the country will roll out the red carpet for him too.


Brainstain, over and out!

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