A Guide to Avoiding Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

Happy Friday everyone! With so many cases of sexual harassment going on at the moment, both on the news and everywhere else according to the #MeToo movement, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was something totally normal and acceptable since everybody is doing it, right? Wrong!

Sexual harassment is still considered to be highly inappropriate, totally out of line, and even criminal, usually resulting in a lawsuit of some kind. We suppose political correctness has done one good thing for people, and that’s to eradicate sexual harassment in the work place. Was this even a real thing before Bill Clinton stepped foot in the White House, or did it happen before when he was just the Governor of Arkansas? Was it Bill Clinton who invented sexual harassment in the first place, or was it Bill Cosby? The answer two both is yes, maybe? Either way, you can still jump online and ask Snopes for all your Clinton facts today.

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Anyway, in places of work, it’s definitely not okay to just go up to somebody, slap them on the ass, and say “good job”, “nice work”, “you wanna’ do lunch” or “meet me by the photocopier” any longer. Those actions and comments could get you in some serious problems these days. The days of office humor are almost long gone by now too out of fear of causing offence and landing oneself in hot water from outcries of harassment. Indeed, you and your employer are just one step away from a major lawsuit, or some sort of social media post, detailing all the horrible things that happened in the office.

If this at all sounds very confusing to you, please refer to this workplace sexual harassment video of what no to do whilst at work, so you and your company can avoid these lawsuits altogether. You can thank us later!

That was pretty helpful, don’t you think? A fine insight into all the things that one shouldn’t do in the office or workplace right there. For the sake of your company’s policy, simply refer to this wonderful article here, any time, plus maybe share it around to your work colleagues, so that they don’t miss out on this highly important information. Only you can crack the nut of sexual harassment!

The broad scope of sexual harassment has been widening lately, so if and when you’re in a position of being introduced to a new co-worker, many people now believe it’s a good idea to adopt the “Mr. Bean” approach when meeting somebody from the opposite sex.

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Meeting and greeting in such a fashion will set you in good steed in avoiding possible future lawsuits arising from any close contact with new people, who might say that you touched them in some inappropriate manner.

Now isn’t that a fine bit of sound advice to bare in mind this Friday before the weekend? Also with office Christmas parties looming, it’s worth baring all this in mind. So, now you have no excuses for not knowing what qualifies as sexual harassment in this day in age. But, if you’re still struggling to get to grips with it, or know somebody else that is, keep this article handy. We believe that this piece could prove to become very popular in Hollywood and among Democrat Party circles, as well.

Brainstain, over and out!

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