How To Spot If Your Partner Is A Cocaine Addict

With Christmas looming and with so much talk of “white snow” being rife this very Holiday season, let’s not give this one a miss. In the immortal words of Rick James, “cocaine’s a hell of a drug” and you need to know how to spot if your partner (or anyone in your family and friendship circles) is a cocaine addict.

It goes without saying that cocaine is bad. It destroys lives, noses, inhibitions and lots of other things, so don’t start dabbling too much in the art of recreational skiing just because “all the cool kids do it”. That’s what it seems like these days, isn’t it? To the untrained eye, a cocaine user can be hard to spot, but there are some tell-tale signs of this addiction that one should look out for, especially if you suspect your partner or somebody in your family is suffering from this curable problem.

We need not look any further than this video, just to see how bad it can get within a dinner setting, when your significant other is overly excited, anxious and just can’t sit still. Too eager for that bathroom break. So, these are some of the tell-tale signs of cocaine addiction or overuse. Let’s take a look!

Surely an Emmy award-winning performance there from Scott Thompson from Kids in The Hall, a much-loved Canadian sketch show from the 1990’s. Yes sir, Scott Thompson hit the nail on the head here in exposing the drug for being generally terrible and for bringing you nothing but inner tension and a lack of appetite, to name just a few things that cocaine does to your body.

As you head into this weekend, perhaps it’s best to give this crazy habit a miss or at least some further thought, so as not end up partaking in the unlikable behaviour that this drug may cause you to commit.

Coroner Michael Singleton said young people were gripped in an epidemic of cocaine abuse that he has not witnessed before in his 23 years in the job. Credit: MEN Media

Cocaine is not an excuse to keep on drinking, nor is it anything fun to enjoy on a regular basis. Cocaine use has become the talk of epidemic proportions in big cities across the world in recent years, especially in London, where people seek the rush mostly likely due to some form of depression that they’re experiencing in their lives.

Think about that this weekend before you get any funny ideas about getting your next fix to perk you up when you’re bored, depressed, or even if you just drunk too much alcohol. Stay well clear of this dangerous drug! If you want some more information regarding the recent cocaine epidemic, you can read about right here.

For every problem there is, it seems like Kids in The Hall have covered it in some way, ahead of their time in relation to anything currently cropping up in popular (and drug) culture. Let this video be a lesson to you all, about the dangers of cocaine use. You can thank us later! Since 15 or 20 minutes after a line, you won’t be feeling so “fantastique” anymore.


Brainstain, over and out!

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