How Did Tommy Wiseau Make His Millions?

There’s not much to shout about lately in terms of news from Hollywood. Well, except for The Last Jedi coming out at last (pretty amazing film by the way), the outcries of actresses about sexual harassment and rape in the workplace, as well as the hushed up reality of pedophile executives hiding behind the velvet curtain. Enough about all of that stuff though for now, as there’s something much greater to revere in terms of pure filmmaking, and that’s the story of Mr. Tommy Wiseau.

If you didn’t already know, Tommy Wiseau is the focus of James Franco’s new biopic film, ‘The Disaster Artist’, which is an interesting insight into the story of how Tommy set about creating his own film, ‘The Room’ (2003), after initially being shunned by Hollywood as an actor. As luck would have it, some fourteen years later, Tommy’s dream of being recognised as an accomplished actor and director have come true, in a miraculously weird filmmaking success story that has seen his original movie, ‘The Room’, getting praised across the world, despite it being unconventional at best of times.

Want to know a little known and interesting secret? The man, the myth and the legend that is Tommy Wiseau has been an incredible success story in life, since a very long time ago, way before his much loved film ‘The Room’ started becoming an underground hit and a curious cult classic movie since around the year of 2008, despite it being seen as a bit of a joke in the filmmaking industry, way beforehand.

Nowadays, people really love that film, just like director James Franco and producer Seth Rogen of ‘The Disaster Artist’. They were actually huge fans of the filmmaking auteur and his movie since many years ago. Could it have been for the same reasons as to why everybody else likes it, too? The answer is, “most probably”.

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Since we are obviously fans of Tommy and ‘The Room’, as well. It’s not just about that endearing film though, it’s also about the grit, the determination, the life story and the very man behind it all. That mystery man, Tommy Wiseau. This guy is a living legend, and that doesn’t just happen by coincidence. One day we wish we could meet Tommy personally, in the hope that some of that greatness would rub off on us. We aren’t speaking of his craft in filmmaking so much, as we’re actually talking about the person behind the story.

So, for the central part of this article – just how did Tommy Wiseau fund his own film with a sum of more than $6 million dollars? Keep reading on to find out, since there’s some keen insight to learn, down below.

Just imagine the whole filmmaking process on set. The escalating costs, the somewhat scrambled shooting schedule and none of the actors ever really seeing the script until that very shooting day. All the endless takes and questionable acting, due to the quite bizarre dialogue in any scene, used to carry the film forward. For example, the famous line, “Oh by the way, how’s your sex life?”

Sure, that’s not how we would ever make our films, but it’s how Tommy made his. That’s “the twist” as Tommy would put it. Indeed, Tommy Wiseau is a man who decided to do everything from scratch, on his own and in his own special way.

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Despite the film initially being laughed at and negatively reviewed on its initial release, the film later turned into a wildcard of success against all the odds. Most people are still scratching their heads in wonderment to how he even managed to pull together all that money to make his own film, with a fair few of them presuming it might have been done via some shady means.

Well, sorry to disappoint you people expecting some controversy right now; since here comes the story of an incredibly clever and successful businessman, which should serve as an inspiration to anybody out there that wants to become successful in their lives, by starting from nothing, like Tommy did.

Now, we haven’t seen ‘The Disaster Artist’ just yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing it. That being said, we doubt it will capture all the mystique and endearment that is Tommy Wiseau. But, we did a bit of digging around on the Internet and found this interesting little video that we thought would be an interesting share with our devoted readers and fans. What you are about to witness is a most poignant investigation into just how Tommy Wiseau became so incredibly rich in order to self fund The Room’. Have a watch, this will truly make your day.

From Poland, to Paris, to San Francisco, to Hollywood by some seriously unconventional means, the “Oiseau”, the “Birdman”, became incredibly successful by being himself and by being a go-getter. This isn’t a man who you should ever think about laughing at; this is a man that’s been laughing all the way to the bank for countless years already.

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What a genius! It takes a special kind of person to have the personality and determination to make an initial $6 million loss into a recouped success story of profit against all the odds. Tommy Wiseau is a guy that just won’t take “NO” for an answer. He’s completely fearless and incredibly clever, Tommy is now living out his dreams of being a successful filmmaker, all be it, it happened in some strange circumstances. We salute you Tommy! Here’s to seeing you on the Red Carpet this awards season, and here’s to new talent and new ideas! Cheers!

Plus, a cheers to James Franco and Seth Rogen too, for helping him along his way.

Brainstain, over and out!

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