Why Late Night TV Shows Suck (ft. The Daily Show & Hillary Clinton)

Hey, you know something that really “blows the big one” out there in the world of corporate mainstream media entertainment? It has to be the many late night talk shows of America and all their unbearable hosts, with their lack of humour, or any good comedy content whatsoever! How many tired, backwards and unfunny Donald Trump jokes, impressions, and poor pathetic excuses for late night comedy entertainment shows do we have to get through before enough is enough, and the gig is well and truly up? Good question, don’t you think?

Yes, the American Late Night show format is literally dying a slow and painful death of notoriously unfunny proportions by now. Their aim is to entertain the moronic liberal masses out there, presumably in San Francisco or some other place that has no sense of humour or intelligence to speak of.

Does anyone really even chuckle when they watch these dire programs on TV? All the hosts are biased with their establishment agenda of unwise cracks and things that couldn’t even make a Hyena laugh, let alone a human being. (Snoring sounds)

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Before we begin, let’s list some of the totally unfunny Late Night hosts in one fell sweep, shall we? Well, there’s the creepy existence of Stephen Colbert, the monotone bore and cheesy smile of Jimmy Kimmel, then you have the slightly uppity and hardly funny (or ever sober) phenomenon of Jimmy Fallon, as well as the prissy-looking face of the very nerdy John Oliver, and the pathetic aura and appearance of Seth Myers, just to name a few of the hosts that are literally making people turn to watching paint dry on a wall at night instead, because that’s a lot more comedic than these travesties of Late Night talk SH*T hosts.

Let’s also mention that the funniest thing about Conan O’Brien is his red hair. Jon Stewart was never funny, ever, nor was he that intelligent either, but in comparison to Trevor Noah, his unable replacement on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was a goddamn god send for Christ sake! A comedy god when compared to Trevor Noah, who is the Late Night incompetent equivalent to Barack Obama as he was as President…

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Speaking of Trevor Noah-(body’s listening to you), he recently did his annual end of the year show for 2017, just yesterday. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything important if you didn’t see it.

Was it funny, though? You can bet your ass that it wasn’t! We’d give you a gold sticker for trying Noah, but on second thoughts, probably not even that! Just the sight of Trevor Noah’s overall meek appearance and manner, not to mention his “Cheesy Face”, can be so unbearable and vomit invoking, that you could literally play his show to war prisoners on a constant loop as a torture tool to make them confess to anything. That’s how bad Trevor Noah is in a nutshell.

Yes, just the sight of Trevor Noah is enough to make you want to throw up all over your television set, before tossing it out the window and promptly jumping after it to a more pleasurable death… Anyway, let’s get to his special segment from The Daily Show’s “end of 2017 show”, so you get to see just how bad it really gets with this attempt to be ironic and funny with a song.

Now we bring you the worthless wonder that is the ‘Song for Women 2017’ by Trevor Noah’s sidekicks from The Daily Show, approved by Trevor Noah(body listens to you) himself. Take it away Desi Lydic and Dulce Sloan, maybe you can make some morons out there in the world actually laugh at this.

Oh, by the way, it also features Hillary Clinton. Hooray!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Who writes this boring garbage? A very good question, indeed… When will there be a Razzie Awards for the worst that Late Night TV shows have to offer, and subsequent gongs for all their participants?

We got an idea, all the fluoride ridden liberal zombies can attend in a live studio audience, and the lowest common denominator in worldwide intelligence can decide when they should use the automated laughter and applause sounds in order to make those zombies laugh along with it. Sort of just like the Late Night TV shows of America.

Hillary may have found her new calling perhaps? Credit: TheDailyShow

“Hahahahaha, that was so funny!”

Hopefully this was the symbolic death of Trevor Noah, and all the liberal Late Night TV hosts on air now! Can you imagine that somebody is actually being paid for that sh*t? It makes you feel even worse for all the people who are actually starving out there in the world.

All in all, The Daily Show’s special yearly show of 2017, sucked really bad… Not that it’s surprising to us…

Tell us what you think about Late Night TV shows and their hosts in the comments section down below. One bit of good news is that at least Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show has already been cancelled. Hooray! One down, and so many more to go! Hopefully the bore that is Trevor Noah is the next one for the axe, followed by Stephen Colbert and so on and so forth… One can dream, right?

Brainstain, over and out!

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