Melbourne Islamic Terror Attack by Afghan Migrant

In Melbourne, an SUV has crashed into a Christmas rush hour crowd outside Flinder’s Street Station this afternoon at 16:41pm. Police and witnesses on the scene have called it “a deliberate act”.

Could this be yet another act of Radical Islamic Terror, or just the work of the “religion of peace”, as they say? So far, the leftist media won’t confirm if it is indeed terrorist related. Well, what do you think? The media are saying once again, “we do not yet know what the motivations are for this attack, thus far”. As usual…

So far, 14 people have been confirmed to be hit by the vehicle, and have been taken to hospital, several in serious condition. The incident unfortunately ending up harming a 4-year old toddler who was run over by the white SUV. She’s suffered serious head injuries.

The driver inside the SUV drove at 100km per hour (60mph), and yet the media won’t say what it is yet, which is obviously an organised terror attack. They will most definitely call it out as a “lone wolf attack”, some time later on.

(Note: Turns out they didn’t, because apparently it wasn’t terrorist related after all)

A man is pulled from a car, and lays on the pavement. We await the news of the culprits and what has happened to them. This is the bearded attacker right here. Credit: LachianVe/Twitter

The driver had weaved themselves through a bollard protected area, in order to later drive up to high-speed on a tram lane and then proceed to plough their way through to kill innocent pedestrians in the very heart of Melbourne, outside Flinders Street Station. A witness at the scene said, “It just mowed everybody down, people were flying everywhere”.

Credit: Seven

Could it be that this is yet another coordinated terror attack that’s now happening on Australian soil? However, as the media puts it, “we do not yet know the motivations for this attack.”

We’ll have to wait for the big reveal from the news media in just a few hours time, since we cannot directly say that it’s another Islamic terror attack just yet. (Spoiler alert, they didn’t).


Horrible scenes in Melbourne. When will the world’s media admit the problem with Islam and its horrible network of terror and radicalization, instead of saying: “We do not know the motivations for this attack, thus far”, or this is only a “lone wolf attack”. Blah, Blah, Blah…

Credit: CameronVonBorstel

Six people are critically injured, but the death toll has remained at zero thus far. 14 people in total are currently in hospital. Witnesses are reporting the SUV as storming through the street/tram lane like a massive tin can and destroying everything in its path, with pedestrians getting crushed and or flying up into the air.

Credit: EPA

Police are now said to be hunting for a motive in the Melbourne attack…. Could it be Radical Islamic Terror, just maybe?

Credit: Reuters

We now await the final death toll and a presumed media cover up once the real reason of radical Islamic terror are once again revealed! (Again, they didn’t because apparently the guy was a drug user with mental health issues. The guy filming who was jumped by the public got caught with a bag of knives however. We don’t know what his fate will be.)

To think that Barack Obama signed a deal before departing his Presidential post with Australia, in order to bring in hundreds of thousands of Islamic Refugees and Muslim migrants into America, with the threat of more terror attacks like these being the result of such an action. Let’s hope that Donald Trump can still ban that disastrous deal! Pray for Melbourne! It’s another very sad day due to radical Islamic terror (even though it apparently wasn’t), and their ISIS operatives. This attack comes almost a year after the Bourke Street Mall rampage which brought the CBD to a standstill.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Reuters

Credit: SkyNews


Australian Police say that they have no intelligence or evidence that it’s a Terror related attack.

15 Injured and 4 more added to the list of injuries, making the total now 19 hurt.

32-year old man and 24-year old man arrested at the scene.

A man said to be found with three knives in his backpack at the scene of the Flinders Street Terror Attack

Australian man of Afghan Muslim descent confirmed to be a terror attacker, they also said that man carrying three knives in his backpack, filmed the whole incident on his cell phone.

Australian Police says it’s not terrorism but mental illness.

Police say the 24-year old man caught filming, is also caught with three knives, whilst filming the SUV killing people, by ploughing them down.

Australian Police refuse to confirm radical Islamic terrorism in the attack, instead citing mental illness.

Terror Attacker confirmed as Afghan migrant Muslim 32-years old.

The man who deliberately drove a car into a crowd in Melbourne is a drug user with mental health issues but no known terrorism links, police say.

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