If You Hadn’t Noticed… We’ll Be Back!

As you may have realised by now, we haven’t been very ACTIVE over the holidays, but that’s mainly down to Jesus (or? we maybe also need a break too), plus it’s due to all the countless new fans coming through to read our work nowadays (so spread the word) and we’d just like to give everyone a chance to familiarise themselves about who we are and about what we do, from all of our previous works so far. So, have a surf around!

We’re re-charging our fingertips and minds, and scrambling our vocabulary to load up on more literal ammo, to bring you all the wonderful real news and rhetoric in future, plus logical commentary to match it all in one sweep. That’s why you keep on coming back for more, right?!

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But, so you’ll be pleased to know on January 3rd, 2018, we’ll be back in full effect, but we have some extra good news now, as we’re rolling out some hardcore New Years Eve and End of Year Review articles this very Sunday to commemorate the end of a most interesting year. Yes, so we’re also reeling in the epic year of 2018, at the same time, you see?

But on January 1st, 2018, we all hope you’ll have some sort of massive hangover or at least go out for a 2-mile jogging session, with an extra day off on January the 2nd for good measure. Now do not underestimate the recovery time, since as you age, as we all know by now, it sure does take time… Be warned millennials… Your days of crying by your console games, with little fresh air and or partying, or even wild sex, and without any meaning in your lives, which means your days are truly numbered, just like the rest of us!

Anyway, the New Years Eve festivities and our plans for the year ahead will have enough punching power to solidify yourself into a state of supreme intelligence throughout the year ahead, giving you the opposite of liver damage (body sh0t) & brain damage (upper cranium cracker), from let’s say from one or two such blows in a sequence from “Iron” Mike Tyson himself… Thank you Mike, for the visual analogy on this one.

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Yes, here at Brainstain, we do not make soap out of people’s leathered-fleshy skin like back in Nazi Germany, but we do take the fat out of deluded liberals’ brains these days and produce news soap, so that you can wash it in everyday and feel fresh and clean, before you start your day off, far away from the contemporary Fake News media. Thus, you’re staying fully informed and reading in-between the lines of a news world gone truly mad by now.

Yes, we shift our thoughts out to the people in a daily news format and we do not discriminate on demographics, that still don’t yet have their own brains preserved in 37% formaldehyde in some symbolic pickled jar somewhere… Since after all, the mass media’s systemic brainwashing of the populus and their pushing of fake ideologies and socialist constructs knows no bounds these days, which is why we’re here to involve you in something much greater than that. And, guess what that is?  Real knock-out news and fun articles all encompassed in one website!

Plus, we also don’t push racist ethnic derogatory content and or even racist candy cotton news like Buzzfeed does every day, so there’s always that to look forward to in 2018. So, in the words of Street Fighter II…. “PERFECT!”

We’ll be back like Arnie!

Brainstain, over and out!

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