Twelve Magical Moments of 2017

As another year draws to a close, you’ve either got some mighty fine or mighty sh*t plans for this New Years Eve, nevertheless, we thought we’d now remind you of the best moments of 2017, to wrap up the year. Additionally, because as we get older, we tend to carry on and forget everything, sort of like an amnesiac strung out on mind bending pharmaceutical drugs, making you feel all nice and numb, since almost everyone’s attached to social media apps, kind of like a hapless crack addict these days.

Yes, the modern day human’s memory is a waning and fickle thing in the face of too many smart phone apps and lots of fake news to take in, so we thought we’d help you recall some of the very magical moments of 2017.

Yes, the year started off quite wonderfully on January 20th of 2017, with Donald J. Trump being elected President as The United States of America (applause), which signalled the commencement of the very first day of progress in the right direction for over eight years, and it also signified the beginning of the total removal of the so-called legacy of Barack “Barry Soweto” Obama.

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Success! But, on that same very day Bill Clinton, who was once quite a well liked President himself after the evils of Bush Senior, who’s also been dealing with Hillary ever since the day that they got married, plus he’s also been living in the aftermath of that Oval Office fellatio scandal with Monica Lewinsky since the year of 1998 to top it off… Did this! Proving that he’s the same ol’ Bill. Ahh…

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Yes, Bill had to take a moment to stare and mime the words “Ivanka” to himself, as was read by every non-professional lipreader ever since… Plus, there’s Michelle Obama’s frown to behold on the day, as well as Hillary’s amused reaction to Bill’s blatant praise for the First Daughter, on a day that she feels she should’ve been the one inaugurated into office. So, quite clearly this is a magnificent and magical moment of 2017, all rolled into one. Poor Bill, he can’t even get away with a glare these days. And surely this is also a magical moment in the Hillary and Bill Clinton dynamic, proving that they are almost human, well… Almost. So, onwards we go, as there’s even more magical moments to remember from 2017.

Who likes good movies? We do! Who likes Jimmy Kimmel? Well, that’s debatable… So at the Oscars of 2017, it was a joy to behold when ‘La-La Land’ was announced as ‘Best Picture’ all under Jimmy Kimmel’s watch, only for the announcement and retraction by Warren Beatty (poor guy, caught in the cross fire here) to be made, in order to correct the mistake and hand the rightful Oscar to ‘Moonlight’ instead. But Jimmy, how did this happen?

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What a moment! Plus, somehow Jimmy Kimmel will be back to host the Oscars of 2018, to perhaps keep this embarrassing streak going? We’re not sure, but let’s hope Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t manifest anymore mix-ups this time and announce Harvey Weinstein for the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ or something along those lines…

In Donald Trump’s first press conference with the media in 2017, the ever annoying Jim Acosta of CNN, got brandished a massive burn, as the public nuisance and petulant cry-baby that he really is and the news organisation that he works for, being rightfully called out as “Fake News”. Yes, 2017 was the year that CNN started to be exposed for the tripe liberal propaganda sh*te that it really is! And we love it! Let’s carry this into 2018, shall we?

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Plus, 2017 was also the year when CNN was exposed for threatening a teenage boy for creating this GIF, after it had gone viral on Reddit. Yes, CNN showed their true Gestapo colours once again, for the liberal news garbage propaganda machine that they really are. What a body slam, right ‘dere! Nice! Little did CNN think that even teenage boys could see through their bullsh*t, eh?

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Plus in 2017, we saw the effects of the brainwashed liberal snowflake come to fruition with symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and there was never anything better in 2017, than triggering a delusional liberal out of their self induced coma of lunacy, was there?

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Happy-Happy Joy-Joy” as Ren & Stimpy would put it. Since there’s really a definitive satisfaction in watching misinformed liberals scream into the sky for ridiculous reasons, which has also sparked the on-going phenomenon of the indoctrinated liberal snowflake, that doesn’t know much about anything.

The year of 2017 was also the year of on-going “whistleblowing” with the revelation of PizzaGate and the John Podesta emails being learnt by more and more of the public out there in the world, which put the Democratic National Committee in further levels of disarray. Now even though it’s a horrible truth, it’s way better that these scandals are out in the open now, rather than still being completely hidden secrets, don’t you think? Well, you can’t beat the Internet… News travels fast, as they say.

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The liberal mass media’s attempt to topple Trump with the fake news story of Russians meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election was finally exposed as being the Clinton Foundation & Democrats selling Russia Uranium in the underreported Uranium One scandal… That was the real Russian collusion, but you didn’t hear much about that on the news and instead you got a lot of this, instead. WTF?!

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Yes, liberal doughnuts love Fake News, Unicorns and their Safe Spaces so much so, that they’d rather rely on lies, than be faced with the truth, with minds warped into believing in false stories, which makes us surprised that anyone would even consider sending their kids to college these days… Yes, 2017 was the year of the exposing of liberal indoctrination and almost communist like ideologies on college campuses. So much for sending your kids to college or even school, for that matter, after 2017.

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Political Correctness is almost always wrong and it only leads to the banning of Free Speech, plus Socialism doesn’t work anywhere, you see? Yes, “NO Safe Space”will deviate from those facts.

And in Europe, Nigel Farage formerly of UKIP, made a monumental speech at the E.U headquarters in Brussels, where he heavily exposed the colluded EU nations’ corruption in laying in bed with evil Billionaire George Soros, with his Open Society organisation, with over 40 secret meetings between them, with financial incentives, to flood Europe with unassimilated Muslim migrants, all in the name of failing socialist ventures and an evil agenda that’s threatening our very own European cultures.

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Yes, Nigel Farage is a hero and the E.U is colluded with George Soros in so many European nations, which will only affect the lives of domestic Europeans, who’s pensions and quality of life are now being cut for the sake of refugees and economic migrants, entering these countries largely illegally, to live off of state handouts. So, much for all that EU talk of how we need those workers and all that jazz? So, once again Nigel Farage came out and said what many people had been afraid to say, with his on-going battle against the E.U, which that was surely another magic moment of 2017.

In the first week of December, on Wednesday the 6th, President Donald J. Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and urged the U.S. Embassy to be placed in the holy city, which is a magical moment of 2017 and a historic one, for sure. Many American Presidents before him had always said that they would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but they never did, so the difference is that Donald Trump actually does what he says he will do and then some.

So will he now also finalise the U.S. and Mexico border wall in the year of 2018? Let’s wait and see, shall we? We think he will, 100%!

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So, the end of 2017 is near, but at the end of this year, unfortunately for Barry, another burgeoning scandal of the DNC reared it’s ugly head and with Barack Obama heavily intertwined into it, with the cash payment scandal to Iran emerging yet again, with that $400million on that airport runway simply being donated, out of staggering total of $1.7billion in cash given to Iran towards the end of his tenure. Yes, this scandal doesn’t just go away, you know? Since it has just now come back to the surface just last week, with Hezbollah, a Nuclear agreement, plus Cocaine dealing in America and all things of that corrupt nature, all rolled into the mix of this true story. Now that’s probably the best-worst magical moment of 2017, read here.

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Like they say, “It’s not over till the fat lady sings”… So, we all have 2018 to look forward to and we wonder what magical moments this year will bring in the world of news, as a whole? Yes, the next year awaits us, so let’s make it a good one. Happy New Year!


Brainstain, over and out!

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