The Photo Buried Until After Barack Obama Was Elected

Many are urging for the release of “the memo” via the ♯releasethememo hathstag trending all over social media right now. Should such documents be released, it would no doubt uncover corruption within the DOJ and FBI intel wings against other Presidential candidates from way back when in Barack Obama’s Presidency. Not to mention the presence of a secret society present within the FBI and political circles, signalling treasonous actions against the American public.

Some people would even suggest this notion: What if we told you that the past four presidency’s were conspiring against the American people as part of a globalist secret society agenda? Hmmm…

Indeed, many people are pushing for this classified document to be released. Who knows what kind of thing it might contain? Perhaps it will detail corruption within the FBI, secret society influence, or maybe even other things that are yet still unknown to the general public.

The internet demands to see the memo. Credit: The Weeping Eagle

We don’t know either, but clearly the Democrats and liberal mainstream media are in a panic about it as this ♯releasethememo campaign picks up steam. The FBI are acting as counsel for Hillary and the Obama administration to protect them in various instances of treason, whilst destroying any evidence of said crimes, as has been heavily underreported amidst many scandals which have been kept under wraps for some time now. What if Obama and Hillary were just George Soros’ puppets, all this time?

Anyway, there’s this photo of Barack Obama, which was kept secret since 2005 so as to protect his election run during 2008, which was finally released today.

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, and Barack Obama. Plus, Barry looks very happy. Credit: Askia Muhammad

This photo would have sunk Obama’s Presidential aspirations in 2008, and was thus buried by photographer Askia Muhammad. Yes, this photo has been kept secret for thirteen years, after being snapped at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005.

Photographer Askia Muhammad, told Trice Edney News Wire that he “gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy” since it could damage Obama’s political future.

Many people have long questioned Barack Obama’s allegiance since after his exit from office, with many still questioning his birth place, his legitimacy to serve as President, and whether or not he’s a Muslim, which is probably an apple that doesn’t fall far away from the tree at this point, don’t you think?

Obama, pictured during his campaign in 2008. Credit: CNN

There are even those who question Michelle Obama and whether or not their children are actually their actual offspring. Now that right there’s a stretch, despite the fact that there are no baby pictures of the children to be seen anywhere.

Anyway, photographer Askia Muhammad told the news site that after he had taken the picture, “For eight years after he was president, it was kept under cover. It absolutely would have made a difference.”

“I sort of understood what was going on.” Muhammad told Talking Points Memo.

Muhammad also recalls how a staff member at the CBC contacted him after he took the photo, in a state of panic about the release of this photo. He promised and made arrangements to give the picture to Leonard Farrakhan, the minister’s son-in-law, and chief of staff at the Nation of Islam. Muhammad gave the disk away from his camera, but kept a copy of the photograph from that day onwards as a computer file.

Askia added, “Realizing that I had given it up, I mean, it was sort of like a promise to keep the photograph secret”.

Louis Farrakhan is a political speaker and force in himself. Credit: AFP/GettyImages

Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam, who has said many anti-semitic things in the past, but also praised Donald J. Trump in March 2016 as being the only leader to not accept money from the “Jewish Community”.

Whilst Obama has always denied his ties to Islam, and even condemned Farrakhan’s remarks at a Presidential debate in Cleveland in 2008, perhaps this photo tells a different story?

Some are not surprised by this photo’s existence, and others will be, but it does go on to raise questions about Obama’s favouritism towards Iran via those strange cash deals (among other things yet to be revealed), which would indicate that he wasn’t Christian, and perhaps he served an agenda that wasn’t disclosed to the American people, as they would have believed him to serve. Who knows?


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