17 Totes Annoying Words and Phrases That Need to be Destroyed in 2018

Millennial’s and Generation Z have absolutely annihilated modern day vocabulary. In fact, Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave if he could hear the complete and utter sh*te today’s society utters out of their pea-brained mouths.

When Anglo-Saxons first began the early origins of the English language, we are sure they did not envision that actual homosapiens would be saying “she’s peng” in describing a beautiful cis-women (or gender fluid if you are into that kind of thing).

Social media has made people obnoxiously lazy. Words were once poetic, spoken with poise and elegance, just like how we write here at Brainstain. But now out on the streets, it’s more common to hear “bruh” or “obvs” rather than any other pronounceable form of lexicon that can actually be found in the Oxford English Dictionary or even barely be understood.

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So, with enough “Cray Cray” to last you a lifetime. Here are 17 Totes Annoying Words and Phrases That Need to be Absolutely Destroyed in 2018.


Using this annoyingly overused phrase of “literally” in an obnoxious American accent, which has been prostituted by Kris Jenners’ surgically altered offspring, will now get you kicked out of bars… literally!

A bar in the Big Apple recently posted a sign saying that any patron to utter the word “literally” will be unceremoniously removed at a moment’s notice – although you will get the chance to finish your drink.

The sign, which was plastered on the bars front doors read: “Sorry but if you say the word ‘literally’ inside Continental you will have 5 minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave.” However, say ‘I literally’ and your time there is instantly done.

“If you actually start a sentence with ‘I literally’ you must leave immediately!!!” the sign continued. “This is the most overused, annoying word in the English language and we will not tolerate it. Stop Kardashianism now!”

Free speech infringements are always good in some social situations… Literally!

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“Bae” is actually the Danish word for poop (yes, literal douche) which is now used by millennials on the Internet who think it means baby and sweetie or any other term of endearment towards a significant other, which is commonly used by ghetto folk who are too lazy to pronounce the entire word “babe”. If anyone called us “bae” we would vomit up a little bit in our mouths, you see?


“Totes” is normally used in such stimulating and profound sentences such as “Like OMG, that guy is totes a hottie” by duck faced white girls that are usually clutching a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino from Starbucks. If you use this word, please just consider that you’re a complete moron.

Banter / Bantz

“Banter” or “Bantz” is an alternative way to describe an annoying cunt who thinks that they are being hilariously funny when in actual fact, they are just an annoying cunt. This terminology is pushed far and wide by left-wing subordinate websites like LAD Bible. So, cut the annoying banter out, would ya?!

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The word “Fam” can normally be heard outside Chicken shops and McDonald’s, used by hooded figures on bicycles, uttered in a Shakespearean like manner. You get me fam’? Please spare us…


“Blud” is used by inarticulate and uneducated 13-year-old hoodlums who wear JD Sports bags as fashion accessories and think that they are 50 Cents aborted sperm.

Nom Nom

“Nom Nom” is the sound a Nazi Zombie makes while chewing on kosher flesh, or at the very least the sound of a vegan feminist chewing on a huge cucumber.

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Lol / Lolz

Anyone that still uses this “LOL” in conversation, that’s over the legal age of consent, needs to be exterminated or at the very least be arrested for speech crimes against humanity.

Wine o’ clock

“Wine o’clock” is normally used by alcoholic middle-aged mum’s as an excuse to get drunk off their tits while their kids are literally hanging off their tits, at very inappropriate hours and in very inappropriate places, which just wreaks of no class or poise in these modern times of when we absolutely need it most!

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“Yolo” hasn’t actually been relevant since MySpace was actually a thing and if you say these words, you should consider ending that fad of a word or even your life, as soon as possible!


“Coolio” is a lengthened version of the word “cool” that should not be said by someone under the age of 30, since it’s a 90’s thing, unless of course, you’re draping it in a satirical situation and or strengthening it with a strong sense of irony.


“Awks” is the pronounced expression that stupid preadolescent 12-year-old girls say when a situation is considered “awkward”, which makes the situation even more embarrassing for everyone in the vicinity of this moron.

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“Methinks” is an annoyingly pretentious way to say “I think.” Originally heard in a William Shakespeare play, used by idiots who think that they are clever, mostly seen on Twitter these days.


“Gawjus” is a lazy and totally unromantic way to spell or pronounce “gorgeous”, which is definitely classed with chavs and slags across the whole bloody country.

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“Hun” is the mating call that transsexual prostitutes make to attract the attention of their heterosexual male admirers. “Hey hun, fancy a quick “!£&!$” in the cubicles?’”


“Innit” can be found to be commonly used by council estate inhabitants in very intelligent exchanges of intellect, when trying to find common ground or an agreement on something pointless.


This culturally appropriated phraseology of “YAAA-SSS-SSS QUEEN!” is used by your average white homosexual male / non-binary who thinks that they are NeNe Leakes reincarnated. This also includes any other form of reprehensible LGBT / Drag Race terminology such as “throwing shade” and “fierce”. In fact, we wish they would all just f*ck off and sashay away, quite frankly!

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So, what other “on fleek” and totally “swag” words do you think should be erased from existence? We think that “on fleek” and “swag” should also be terminated, post-haste! But, do tell us the words that should be destined for the garbage in our totally “lush” comments section down below.

And remember, always “stay woke!”


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Bustle

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