EA Sports UFC 3 Out Now on Xbox One and PS4

It’s been a long time since a good game has come out, and today marks the release of the latest instalment of the EA Sports UFC series, UFC 3, and it’s definitely the best one so far. The cover star of the game is naturally Conor McGregor. You won’t be finding “Money Man” Mayweather in this game just yet, but you’ve got a comprehensive list of fighters to choose from across all weight classes and divisions, plus special unlockable fighters like Bruce Lee.

So, if you want to Enter The Dragon or just wanna’ pick Cris Cyborg and completely obliterate all the female fighters, just like in real life, then by all means, the choice is yours. Need the full list of fighters in each weight class then click here later.

Here’s the reveal trailer of UFC 3, to get you in the mood to fight, out now on Xbox One and PS4.

The game features more enhanced stand up fighting, with a dynamic feel, and a more fluid look to the punching and kicking attacks, likened more to the real UFC, with the ability to throw and avoid exact strikes whilst you’re moving in and out of an assault. The career mode has also been improved. It’s more realistic and in-depth, with more drills to practice various fighting styles and full control over what you want your character to get up to in the gym. Plus, you have the added ability to upgrade and enhance your fighter throughout the course of the game.

The ground game in the Octagon is more or less the same, which has proven to be confusing for some gamers throughout the previous two games, so at least they didn’t make it more complicated this time around. The game also features an all out knock out mode without any ground game, which includes narration from Snoop Dogg, (as if you would want that in there, but there you go!)

The online gameplay remains the same, and it will pit you up against the seasoned professionals out there online. Note that the submission moves may be a little confusing for some people, but you’ll get the hang of it, eventually.

The game still features an array of playable fighters, including fighters that you can unlock over time. But, what’s most impressive is the stand up fighting which sets it apart from the earlier releases, along with more build up and crowd atmosphere to name a few other things. To get more of a sense of what you’ll be getting, it’s best to check out an official gameplay video, which was just released a few days ago.

The tale of the tape says it’s Bruce Lee vs. Conor McGregor, meeting up in this unbelievable fight inside the Octagon!

Now, despite what most reviews are giving this game, (a near to 8 out of 10 score), undoubtedly, there is no sports fighting game to match this one, so if that’s your type of thing, then you need to click on the order links below. Happy fighting everyone!


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