Jimmy Kimmel Crashes His BMW on The Sunset Strip

Happy Friday everyone! On the day when the GOP are about to “release the memo” about the FBI collusion with the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration spying on Trump, and engaging in conspiracy laden treasonous tactics before and after the democratically elected President took office, with a fake paid for dossier, as well as trying to rig the election with fake Russian news rhetoric throughout… (phew)… to top all of that off, yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel crashed his BMW on the Sunset Strip.

Now some would say that the Lord works in mysterious ways, whereas others could definitely just put it down to Jimmy Kimmel not being able to drive. Was he drunk? Did he not know where he was going? Or does he just drive like a big girls blouse?

Perhaps he was thinking about Donald Trump when the accident happened. That, or could it have been God’s way of telling him to stop the terribly unfunny Trump bashing that he thinks can pull off ratings? Ba-Dum-Tsss!

On Tuesday night this week, Jimmy Kimmel brought a porn star on his show, Stormy Daniels, whom the fake news media have tried to claim that Donald Trump had an affair with, presumably to try to cover up the impending memo release coming very soon, but when Kimmel tried to coax her on the show to admit to any affair, Stormy Daniels had earlier released this statement: “I am not denying this affair because I was paid ‘hush money’… I am denying this affair because it never happened.”

Credit: GQ

Then on the show, when Jimmy Kimmel grilled her about the denial letter, she denied that she even signed the letter. What kind of fake, deep state trash is Kimmel pushing here? Needless to say, his show was a dud.

Ouch! The truth hurts, and now, funnily enough, Jimmy Kimmel has a car accident. What are the odds? Well, “karma’s a bitch” as they say, and Jimmy Kimmel sure fits that profile down to a tee.

So, it does seem that God and righteousness has made an appearance in Hollywood, after all. Luckily nobody was hurt, but many questions now remain as Jimmy Kimmel, the monotone all smiling moronic Trump hater, who asks celebrities questions himself, probably has a much higher insurance premium today, we suspect… Nice! Maybe somebody should ask him?

Jimmy Kimmel came down the hill next to the Chateau Marmont Hotel and attempted to turn left at the intersection. Unfortunately for him, that was an illegal turn, so he crashed right into an oncoming Audi vehicle.

The poor guy who was caught up in Jimmy Kimmel’s lacklustre driving ability was seen sort of hunched over after the impact (not surprising), standing on the curb, whilst Kimmel babbled into his cell phone in the background like a selfish jerk.

Credit: TMZ.com/Mega

Thus, we suspect that his victim is definitely not a Jimmy Kimmel fan either. Ba-Dum-Tsss!

Yes, accidents happen, especially when Jimmy Kimmel is out driving on the Sunset Strip like a total jackass, making illegal turns and such. That’s just poor reckless driving and we wonder what his insurance company will say? Will he get some well earned points on his license or will he get off scot free? Will the victim in the other vehicle sue him for this almost fatal incident? He probably wouldn’t still be alive right now if Jimmy would have hit the drivers side door head on. Take a look!

Credit: TMZ.com/Mega

What sort of excuse does Jimmy Kimmel have for this one? Hmm? First his momentous Best Picture mix up last year at the Oscars and now this?! Yes, the biggest blunder in Oscars history happened on Jimmy Kimmel’s watch, yet they invited him back to host this years Oscars, yet again. Even though, last years Awards had the second poorest ratings ever!

Jimmy Kimmel probably tried to blame Warren Beatty in the end. Credit: ABC/GettyImages

In the world of fake smear campaigns and a sleepy celebrity show format that’s not watched by anyone in their right mind, perhaps this is what you get for peddling such trash?

Credit: TMZ.com/Mega

Call it the Trump effect, call it karma, or hell, you could probably call this Jimmy Kimmel starring in his very own comedy movie. Who knows? But, two things are for sure: Jimmy Kimmel can’t drive to save his life, and God most certainly does work in mysterious ways.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: TMZ


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