Billie Piper and Rose McGowan Expose Industry Pimping Culture

Low and behold, the #MeToo and #TimesUp hashtag phenomenon is cropping up once again, meaning that Hollywood is in the spotlight obviously, with even many celebrities starting to question certain instances of the use of the #MeToo hashtag, revelations of alleged sexual abuse, and the origins of the #MeToo movement, along with the #TimesUp movement as well! Curious as we are? Just read on and find out.

So, was it all really about Harvey Weinstein? Or, is he just the most talked about person currently in an industry that might just have an age-old problem of lust, and a mostly not talked about pimping culture?

Is there something that should differentiate the use of #MeToo for instances of rape and sexual abuse, to that of women doing acts of “quid pro quo” on the casting couch and then later regretting it?

Billie Piper, who you may or may not know, used to be a UK teen pop artist who eventually became an actress in the TV series ‘Secret Diary of A Call Girl‘, which is based on the writings of the pseudonym of a high-class London escort named ‘Belle de Jour’. The show aired for five successful years between 2007 and 2011. The series was a relative success due to its racy content, as well as the intrigue of what happens to a high-class escort, you see?

Billie Piper as Belle De Jour. Credit: ITV/REX Features

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. Billie Piper recently said, “I know a lot of head-strong actors and actresses wanting to get something who wouldn’t say they’re victims”.

Meanwhile, the very outspoken Rose McGowan, who opened up publicly about Hollywood and the vile acts of Harvey Weinstein, is fresh off her TV mini series on E! called ‘Citizen Rose’, and is carrying on to champion the movement of those raped and abused in the film industry. Surely, “quid pro quo” and “rape” are two entirely different things, right?

However, what’s been lurking relatively unbeknownst inside the industry which is now slowly coming to light, with agents of esteemed artist agencies accused of helping to broker deals for interested high-powered johns and that of celebrity talent. Could it be true? With Billie Piper and Rose McGowan on the case, we have fresh insider knowledge about what we already suspect is an age-old tradition in Tinseltown, and certain in entertainment circles.

Billie Piper has lambasted agents for subjecting their clients to ‘sanctioned pimping’ (since she’s probably got a few actress friends in the industry), but not only that, just take a look at what Rose McGowan had to say about Alyssa Milano on Nightline, whom the media claims to be somebody that’s helping to push the very brave #MeToo movement on social media, with the CAA being behind the #TimesUp movement.

Let’s face it, does Rose McGowan look like she’s lying? Erm… No! She’s the one actually championing a lot of the real talk on certain issues so far, and presumably, she still will be in the near future.

She even states that the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) started the #TimesUp trend for good PR, and it does really make you wonder about just how systemic and normal the ‘quid pro quo’ phenomenon is in the industry, in certain cases.

All the while, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Don’t get us wrong, the CAA are a top talent agency, but who knows about the case by case phenomenon of high-powered people making special requests?

It could happen, as agents let their clients know about potential exchanges and the like, so maybe this is that “pimping culture” that’s long been suspected in Hollywood, that some former actresses are now feeling comfortable enough to starting to talk about…

In 2014, actress Kirsten Dunst said that she ‘Thinks Actresses ‘Court’ Sexual Casting Couch Sessions’. Credit: Inquisitr

Yes, even Billie Piper has now spoken about the abuse of power in the industry, calling it a “pimping culture”, and said that agents “know full well what’s going on and it’s sickening”.

Additionally, Piper also questioned “the whole sisterhood thing” of the #MeToo movement, since the oversexed images plastered all over the place by women on social media doesn’t quite feel like feminism to her.

She added that women can be, “very judgy and competitive – especially on social media – under the guise of being all supportive”. Hence why she’s questioning the the whole “sisterhood” thing in the first place.

Piper also stated that there are women who are out to get something who “wouldn’t say they’re victims of abuse”. Moreover, Billie Piper said that when her acting career was on the rise, she would often resort to wearing baggy clothes when attending castings, and in the vicinity of agents, perhaps to get a message across.

“I think that’s why, for so long, my desire to hide my body in baggy clothes took hold”.

Billie is currently starring in a new role on the BBC drama ‘Collateral’, alongside actress Carey Mulligan and actor John Simm, which is out later this month.

Rose McGowan on the other hand, continues to champion her mission of speaking out and supporting women at the hands of sexual abuse in the film industry, despite cancelling upcoming appearances to talk about her book ‘Brave’ after being heckled by a seemingly deranged transgender woman in New York City at Barnes and Noble, who yelled that she hasn’t done enough for trans women, and the trans community.

Rose McGowan was right to yell at the Transgender protestor in New York City, since her point was way out of context. Some believe the heckling was staged to try to discredit Rose at the Q&A.  Credit: NBC4

Erm, the last time we checked Rose McGowan is a woman, and the trans community was never in the debate at all… But there you go! There’ll always be a heckler somewhere in these liberal infested times of snowflakes after 8 long years of socialist, George Soros controlled puppets like Hillary Clinton and with most notably Barack Obama in power.

So, what of the “pimping culture” in the entertainment industry concerning movie roles, quid pro quo favours, and sexual power structures in the industry? Are they true?

We encourage any and all actresses actors that have witnessed or experienced this first hand in the industry, to anonymously comment in our comments section down below, in order to clarify further on topic of debate.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: IndieWire/Hello Magazine

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