It’s Time to Talk About Women Who Make False Rape Accusations

Despite what feminists vehemently tell you, false rape accusations actually exist, and they are a very serious problem. The terrifying reality is that false rape accusations are as common, or nearly as common, as genuine rape reports according to the most reliable and coherent of research studies, yet it seems men don’t have the testicular fortitude to stand up and challenge it.

Rape is a very serious offence, and false accusations from women who have dishonestly lied about being sexually assaulted should not detract genuine victims of sexual assault from coming forward and reporting it to authorities. However, when a false allegation of rape is made, it heightens the difficulty for those victims who have suffered from actual legitimate sexual abuse to actually come forward for fear of ridicule and not being believed.

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But, what cannot be ignored is the seriousness of false accusations, and the devastating consequences of those that have been accused. The Met Police recently apologised to a young male university student in a high-profile case who was falsely accused of rape after text messages proving his innocence weren’t shown to the defence team. As a result, 600 cases of rape and rape accusations in the UK will now be reviewed due to the combination of error, lack of knowledge and unwavering bias towards men who are accused of sexual assault during rape cases without legitimate evidence other then the word of a woman.

We have a cultural perception that a rapist is a heterosexual man, oozing with male privilege and testosterone, who lurks around in dark allies waiting for vulnerable drunk young women stumbling home, waiting to pounce on their unassuming prey and viciously attack and violate them.

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Society adamantly states, that women are innocent, women are upstanding and law-abiding citizens, and above all else, women are the victims.

And, therein lies the origin of today’s “rape culture” frenzy. The word of a woman is always presented as gospel and far superior to that of a man’s. Feminists still claim that women are treated unequally and without bias, yet when it comes to law and accusations, women are generally more respected, favourited and above all else, always believed.

Yet, when it comes down to it, not every woman that accuses a man of rape is entirely truthful. Sometimes there can be a far more sinister truth that does not fit the narrative. Here, we document 14 separate cases of false rape accusations against innocent men. When the word of a woman turned out to be a lie, and the devastating effects it had on the victim… the man.

Jemma Beale

A lesbian fantasist and serial liar who invented rape and sexual assault allegations against 15 men to get attention from her girlfriend, who was ultimately jailed for ten years for making these damaging and life altering accusations. Beale claimed she had been seriously sexually assaulted and raped by the men in question, all strangers, in four different incidents over three years. Her damaging lies led to one of the falsely accused, Mahad Cassim, being wrongly convicted and jailed, serving two years and nine months of a seven-year sentence for a crime he did not commit.

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Nikki Yovino

The 19-year-old New York native accused two Sacred Heart football players of sexually assaulting her during a party in October 2016. The players said the sex was consensual and denied all accusations. Yovino later admitted making up the allegations because she was worried another student would lose romantic interest in her when he found out about the sexual encounter.

Mariah Jordan Smith

This 25-year-old nurse from Tuscaloosa called police claiming that she was the victim of a home invasion and sexual assault by an ex-boyfriend. She later admitted to lying about her ex-boyfriend raping and restraining her, and was arrested for filing a false report.

The case of Liam Allan

Liam Allan was a young and promising 22-year-old university criminology student whose life was turned upside down when he was charged with 12 counts of rape and sexual assault before his trial later collapsed after police failed to identify valuable evidence which revealed the alleged “victim” had pestered him for “casual sex”. The accuser’s identity remains undisclosed due to apparent “legal reasons” while Liam faced the scrutiny and struggle of rebuilding his life in the public eye.

Mr. Allan said of the wrongful accusations: “University is meant to be the best years of your life and the last two years have been spent worrying and not concentrating on anything. It has completely ripped apart my normal personal life.”

Mr. Allan faced a possible jail term of 12 years, and being put on the sex offenders register for life had he been found guilty of committing a crime that he had not even been involved in.

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The case of Conor Oberst

Fabricated claims against the singer first began to circulate in late 2013, after a woman made the allegations online, claiming that “Conor took a lot from me including my virginity, my dignity, and self-esteem”. In response to the allegations, Oberst immediately denied the charge, stating that there was no truth to the allegations before filing a libel suit against the accuser. The woman who accused Conor Oberst of sexual assault later withdrew her allegations, stating that they were lies that she made up just to get attention.

Rebecca Palmer

Palmer, 26, was found guilty of four allegations of perverting the course of justice, and was jailed for five years after falsely accusing a soldier of rape. Rebecca engaged in consensual sexual activity with the victim, who was 22 at the time, but on being rejected by him, she embarked on a spiteful campaign which led to him being arrested on more than one occasion, and then being held in custody for various periods of time.

She also sent malicious communications to both the victim and members of his family who also suffered as a result of her defamatory lies.

Breana Rachelle Harmon

This young Texas woman ran into a church half naked and claimed that she was kidnapped and raped by 3 masked black men, and was later indicted on multiple charges related to what turned out to be a fabricated hoax. She later admitted that injuries found on her on her body were self-inflicted.

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Karla Karina Alvarez

A woman who had been having an affair for six months accused her secret lover, which just so happened to be her husband’s work colleague, of rape after her dishonest escapades had been outed. Karla Alvarez, 27, was later arrested by police for making a false report.

Grace Niedermeyer

This 26-year-old woman claimed she had been a victim of three separate sexual assaults, but after a 9-month long investigation, detectives found multiple inconsistencies in Niedermeyer’s story. As a result, a warrant was issued against Niedermeyer for false reporting to law enforcement officials.

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Kalaesha Hall

In July 2014, Kalaesha Hall, 28, reported that she was kidnapped from her apartment at gunpoint by an unknown man and taken to a location in North Caddo Parish, where she was raped. In August 2017, after DNA samples provided a suspect, Hall identified Charles Edward Collins as the stranger involved in the alleged assault.

As a result, Collins was arrested for second-degree kidnapping and rape on August 21, 2017. However, during the investigation, detectives learned that Hall was a former girlfriend of Collins, and had falsely accused him of the crimes. Collins was later released from jail, while Karlesha Hall was arrested for criminal mischief.

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Wanetta Gibson

Gibson, a former high-school acquaintance of former American football star, Brian Banks, accused the one-time Atlanta Falcons line-backer of rape, while he was just a 16 years old student at school. It wasn’t until some years later that Banks’ accuser recanted her story, and Banks was declared an innocent man. He wound up serving five years and two months for a crime that he did not commit.

Gibson was ordered to pay $1.5 million, plus an additional $1.1 million in fees, including for making a false claim, as well as court-related costs.

Cathy Richardson

Unemployed Richardson, 26, was jailed for a year after admitting that she had pretended to be a rape victim on four occasions. She originally accused a man in his twenties, who was arrested and later released without charge after the accuser admitted to her lies.

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Emily Marie Riker

A 21-year-old woman who claimed that she was a virgin before being allegedly raped, was arrested after falsely reporting to authorities that she had been raped on several separate occasions. Deputies noted that her story was inconsistent, and she had no apparent injuries even though she said she was punched in the stomach, grabbed and pushed.

The Case of Connor Fitzgerald

A teenage BT engineer lost his job and spent almost three months in prison after police failed to reveal damning text messages sent by his rape accuser that could have exonerated him. The case against Connor Fitzgerald later collapsed when prosecutors found the messages sent by the woman where she had bragged about wanting to “ruin” his life.

Mr. Fitzgerald, 19, from South London said his ordeal had been “heart-breaking”, and that he was now too scared to leave the house. The woman who made the accusation, who was not named for legal reasons, sent a text to another person saying: “I’m not just going to mess up his life, I’m going to ruin it lol”.

She later admitted to making the whole story up because she had been “mad” at the accused victim.

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These are of course just a handful of false rape accusations (the ones that have been given attention in the news, anyway) but incidents like this occur on a daily basis and go unpublished.

Thanks to the radical interpretation of modern day feminism, women and young girls have been systematically conditioned to believe that they can do no wrong and slanderously lie. In their minds, these women are the victims, they are suppressed, and all while perching themselves high above on an unequal social pedestal where women are still granted anonymity, even when their defamatory lie has been uncovered.

These kind of women generally believe that they are of superior status then that of their male counterparts, and as a result automatically expect some kind of special treatment, while still complaining of supposedly unequal treatment and social injustices that simply do not exist.

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This special and privileged treatment insures that the word of a woman along with her delicate and endearing ‘feminine charms’ can control the narrative, and in doing so, making their claim much more of a higher-ranking status against that of a man. They still want to systemically play the part of  damsel in distress, all while still digging their heels in and clinging onto social superiority and ascendancy.

The eminence of modern day feminism has created a generation of deranged and radicalised women who will vociferously lie just to further their malicious agenda. When it comes down to it, women who make false rape accusations are evil. It’s a deliberate conscious choice, made with the intended destruction of another person’s life in mind. It’s intentional, calculated, cruel, and it is arguably just as morally wrong, if not worse than an actual sexual assault itself.

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Soon after the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo hashtag spread virally to demonstrate so-called widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment against women across the world.

However, what it actually showed was an excuse for a social media feeding frenzy against men. A social media ”manhunt” from self-proclaimed victims and virtue signalling glorified Hollywood celebrities who tweeted “rape” because a man dared brush by them on public transport and accidentally touch their shoulder, or the horrors of horrors, call them attractive, wolf whistle or make an awkwardly clumsy pass.

Normal, relaxed, flirtatious and humanly interactions between men and women are being bracketed together as rape and serious sexual assault the days, because of the #MeToo movement.

The way things are going, soon it could be classed as sexual assault just to cough or sneeze around a woman. As ridiculous as that notion sounds, it could be a horrifying reality.

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All the while, the forgotten victims, the men who are portrayed as monsters and framed for a crime that they didn’t commit, go unheard.

There is no social media outrage for the accused male victims, there is no trending #HimToo hashtag, and there is no outpouring of sympathy from globalist elite celebrities. All there is, is a denial, a denial that women can also be the monsters of this story too.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Bookblog

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