The 50th Anniversary of the Famous McDonald’s Big Mac

Well, what do we have here? It’s the Golden Arches / Mickey D’s / McDonald’s fast food burger joint’s 50th anniversary celebration of the world famous Big Mac, and what better way to celebrate the momentous occasion than to introduce a brand new (limited time only) variation of the burger to the starving masses of the UK?

After a successful trial run last year in America, Spain, and the Netherlands, wherein they introduced the Mac Junior and Grand Big Mac (a smaller and bigger version of the modern-day Big Mac, respectively) to the menu for a limited time only, they have finally decided start rolling them out out across the UK starting today. This offer will only last until March 20th. All of this just to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of arguably everyone’s favourite burger with that secret special sauce. Here’s hoping that this secondary trial run to test out people’s resolve to the different options of the Big Mac will result in McDonald’s considering to add them to the menu’s permanently.

The world famous Big Mac burger from McDonald’s. Credit: Lad Bible

Today in the UK, to commemorate the very special occasion of the 50th birthday of the burger, you can now go out to grab yourself a bigger (or smaller) taste of Ronald McDonald’s top tier burger.

But, just what consists of these two new alternative Big Mac choices? Well, the Mac Junior only has one beef pattie and no middle bun, whilst the Grand Big Mac is much wider than the normal Big Mac, has the standard two beef patties and a bun in between, and weighs in at one third of a pound prior to cooking.

Will you head to McDonald’s today and get yourself both of these brand spanking new burgers, or just settle for the one, then stand outside and do this?

Image result for eddie murphy mcdonalds gif

We got McDonald’s” Credit: Giphy

Now whilst some people will say that McDonald’s isn’t good for you, as research would suggest, sometimes there is nothing better than getting yourself McDonald’s when your pressed for time and super hungry, when you’ve got a hangover, or even when you’ve got food poisoning and need something partly artificial.

You can resist all you like, but you can’t argue that almost everyone can be partial to McDonald’s. One person on Twitter, in response to the announcement wrote, “Probably going to have to break my 15 month clean of McDonald’s for that Grand Big Mac”.

The official Big Mac size chart. Credit: McDonald’s

It seems as if it’s only a matter of time before most people will head to Mickey D’s for their fix, and if people keep buying the two new versions, you can expect it to become a permanent fixture in the McDonalds’ menu. If the sales do well in the United Kingdom, of course.

The USA, Netherlands and Spain have already had very successful promotions of the Mac Junior and the Grand Big Mac, so if you’re in the United Kingdom, now is the time to indulge in some McDonald’s and make the dream come true.

We’re loving’ it!

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Featured Photo Credit: McDonald’s

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