Migrant Ghettos Will Become ‘A Nuclear Bomb Of Unrest’ In The Future Warns The EU

“This is an Angela Merkel public safety announcement! The influx of migrants currently floating on makeshift rafts and lifeboats heading in the direction of our shores will eventually lead to complete and utter annihilation and total catastrophic destruction on a global scale. Thank you for your cooperation”.

OK, so we are probably unlikely to hear this kind of declaration and acknowledgment that they have totally f*cked up Europe from Brussels anytime soon, but, a top European Union official has recently warned us that migrant ghettos could become a “nuclear bomb” of unrest, and has urged the European Union to tackle the problem.

The EU acknowledging migration as a social issue, who would have thought?! Question now is what can they do about it?

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European Commissioner for regional policy, Corina Cretu, has said that this is important for ‘social integration’.

She said that “Social integration will be crucial in the years to come.”

“If we allow ghettos or segregation of migrants, this will become a nuclear bomb in the future.”

Corina Cretu from Romania, has now ordered the European Union to use £310 billion war chest to tackle the migrant problem by 2020whilst EU interior ministers are struggling with changing asylum policies.


Yes, there sure are many EU countries that could use this help, where as in Sweden political leaders have already suggested deploying the military into these No-Go zones aka migrants ghettos.

Anyway, since the EU declared the flood gates well and truly open, the EU asylum system has been on the brink of collapse as millions of refugees and migrants arrived by boat, overwhelming both Greece and Italy.

The recent drive by shooting in Italy on African migrants, after a young Italian girl was raped and chopped up, signals the escalating tension in many countries, reaching a boiling point.


An estimate made in 2015 calculated that there are 4.4 to 4.7 million Muslims migrants in Germany alone. In 2016, 28,939 migrants applied for asylum. As of 2014, according to recent Statistics Sweden, there are around 17,000 total asylum immigrants from Syria, 10,000 from Iraq, 4,500 from Eritrea, 1,900 from Afghanistan, and 1,100 from Somalia.

Meanwhile, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have refused to take some of the new arrivals.

As a result of this mass immigration, communities have become isolated ghettos where native citizens are targeted and not welcome, and where reports of violent sexual assaults and crime continue to rise.

Of course, this has already started to happen in Sweden, and in Germany, but they’re covering it up without any good news coverage, except from independent journalists. The No-Go zones are real and are a “ticking time bomb”


In migrant infatuated Sweden, a total of 1.51 million crimes were reported during 2017, a slight increase (4,010 more) on 2016 continuing the migrant crime surge across the country.

The use of hand grenades and shootings are becoming more common place in Sweden, and in those No-Go zones, even police stations have been attacked with explosives numerous times. Not to mention the migrant gang violence going on every day. These migrants have already made Sweden into the rape capital of the world, no longer just the rape capital of Europe.


We guess that is what happens when you willingly invite people in from sh*thole countries that hold inferior cultures, values, and beliefs that do not mix and integrate with western values.

So, with a migration nuclear holocaust on the horizon in the European Union, and with Angela Merkel and the EU planning to let in even more migrants to totally obliterate European countries, let’s hope that Theresa May can solidify a righteous Brexit deal and fast, sans more migrants and the notion of many other countries following suit in leaving the EU.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have already refused to take more migrants, so perhaps that’s the way to go to avoid a migrant ghetto nuclear time bomb in the near future.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: European Post

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