Snapchat Users Not Happy With App Update

Whether you use Snapchat or not, you’ve heard about the app’s update, or more specifically, users complaining about it.

The reason users – who are mostly teens and young adults – are unhappy with this update is because they feel the new interface is confusing and difficult to navigate. The app’s redesign features two sections: friend content on the left and media content on the right, all while the camera screen remains in the middle. Yeah, we’re a little confused just talking about it. Kind of funny when the goal of the redesign was to make it easier to use.

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Many have expressed their dissatisfaction through Twitter, some complaining that they don’t get the same views anymore, others annoyed at how confusing the redesign is, as well as others that simply just want the old Snapchat back right away!


It truly sounds like the end of the world for these people. What has the world really come to? No matter how much you may miss the old app, it’s no reason to act like a big baby. Oh, and then there’s this guy too. Something seems very fishy about this Faisal guy…

The update has caused so much outrage that someone created a fake tweet, showing an apparent message from the official Snapchat, promising to revert all changes. It must have fooled quite a lot of people, as it got over 1.3 million retweets. It’s either that, or people just retweeted to “save a life” because they clearly have no life, and they did it just for the lols or something. We sure hope that it’s the latter…

There’s also been a petition asking Snapchat to remove the update, which currently has over 850,000 signatures and counting. It’s unlikely anything will come of it though, apart from the site losing it’s credibility even more so than it has already done by catering to millennial temper tantrums.

Remember back in 2008 when Facebook changed its design? A lot of people were unhappy about that too, and groups were formed on the platform such as “Petition Against the New Facebook” and “1,000,000 Against the new Facebook” each with over one million members. But despite the large number, Facebook didn’t budge, and they did not change the design.

The question is, “what are people really putting out on Snapchat on a daily basis, to cause such outrage over an update?” It’s almost as if their lives have now completely but ended just because of a design update.

A spokesperson for Snapchat spoke to fake news network CNN about the backlash, stating: “Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.”

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Also defending the update is Daniel Ives, the chief strategy officer and head of technology research at GBH Insights. He believes the redesign was “much needed”.

“This was a much-needed redesign for Snap as the complexity and nature of the app was shunning older demographics and a major issue for advertisers, which remain the golden goose for the company,”

So, what do you all think of the update? Do you hate it as much as everyone else does, or do you actually think it’s not as bad as people make it out to be? Maybe you’re one of the minority that hasn’t actually received the update yet… Or you’re just a person that would rather die a slow and painful death than to start using another social media platform such as Snapchat.


<Story by Emily Clark>

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