Black Panther Heading for Record Breaking Box Office Weekend

The latest Marvel movie and box office smash hit, Black Panther, looks all set to conjure up record breaking cinema ticket sales numbers this weekend when everyone and their grandmother finally gets the chance to go to the theatre and watch this hotly anticipated super hero movie. Everyone is very excited to see it, but none more so than the African-American community, some of whom are claiming that this is the first super hero movie featuring an African-American in the lead role.

However, that would be incorrect, since we all already had Blade, Hancock, Spawn, and Damon Wayans once played Blankman in the 1994 film. Anyway, all jokes aside, the Black Panther film looks majestic, but that’s probably because he’s the among the few royal super heroes, rather than being the first African-American super hero in a motion picture. Yes, the King of Wakanda, T’Challa returns after the death of his father to his remote homeland that’s a technologically advanced African nation, in order to take his rightful throne as king.

Now let’s take this moment to check out the extended trailer for Black Panther, because it looks awesome! When we first laid our eyes on this, we thought to ourselves that this might just be the coolest runner-up in super hero films next to the legendary Dark Knight. Let’s see if our early predictions turned out to be right.

This film stars Chadwick Boseman (who has played James Brown and Jackie Robinson respectively in previous films) as T’Challa, aka the Black Panther. The night scenes we’ve viewed from the film definitely echoes dark film noire-esque elements that we’d all hope to see, coupled with a wonderful colourful juxtaposition in the day scenes. What now remains to be seen is whether the performances, plot, and overall feel of the film can deliver the same expectations.

The film, directed by Ryan Coogler, opens up in more than 4,000 cinemas this weekend across North America, and even more so across the world. Domestically, industry analysts project that the film could gross $145 million on the opening weekend, and could possibly rake in $160 million during the four day President’s Day weekend.

Black Panther is set to raise the bar very high. Credit: Film School Rejects

Disney predicts an overall domestic gross of $150 million after the four day weekend. Black Panther could become the biggest February opening in history, toppling Deadpool, which sold $132 million in tickets when it opened in 2016 over the four day President’s Day weekend.

The film is said to be of cultural significance as it’s the first Marvel film directed by an African-American, and features a predominately African-American cast. Apart from the overall buzz surrounding the film, Black Panther has become the most Tweeted about film of the year so far, garnering more than 5 million Tweets ahead of its February 15th opening.

So, if you don’t have plans for the weekend, now you can make yours to go out and watch Black Panther, and get in on the hype. We know we’ll enjoy going out to see this film just as much as anyone else will!


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