Are Shopping Carts Actually Sexist?

“Could a member of staff please go to aisle three, a radicalised and menopausal feminist customer has complained that she finds the sight of a particular banana offensive and totally sexist’’ 

Could this be the tannoy announcement that you’ll soon be hearing as you make your way down the female (non-binary!?) aisle while you do your weekly grocery shopping for tampons and vegan latex condoms?

In the not so distant future, this could soon be the horrifying reality across supermarkets in the west. In the crusade of claiming to be offended by absolutely everything, shopping carts have now been targeted as being misogynist baskets of metal and male supremacy.

A woman (assumed a single feminist) in the UK had posted a scathing complaint on Twitter saying the safety instructions on supermarket giant Tesco’s carts (trolleys) only depict women with children, using a silhouetted figure in a dress.

Hull Daily Mail

Conveniently labelled on the Tesco handle bars, up and down the country are life-altering safety instructions that help and guide us mere mortals, because without the guidance of corporate propaganda, we are all doomed!

  1. Don’t let your disobedient spoilt brats climb all over the shopping carts.
  2. Don’t turn your back on the cart when your children are sat inside it. Who knows what kind of dangerous looking pedophile lurks down the cereal aisle?
  3. Seat the unruly child in the seat provided near to mother, in the only correct way to use the cart.

All of this is arguably common sense, but as this one particular customer pointed out, it’s all aimed at women and depicts women as the only person that does the grocery shopping. “Screw the patriarchy!” we hear her scream inside herself.

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The official complaint was accompanied with the hashtag “everyday sexism”. The biologically related cousin of #MeToo and #ImWithHer

Samantha Rennie, executive director of the equality group ‘Rosa UK’ fund for Women and Girls, said on the discriminative and totally sexist basket on wheels: “The idea that shopping trolleys should be gendered in any way seems ridiculous.”

“It’s a seemingly small factor that plays a role in reinforcing stereotypical ideas of the woman being responsible for the weekly food shop.”

Responding to the politically correct hysteria, Tesco has already started to roll out trolleys that feature gender neutral images with over 20,000 trolleys already switched.

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In the near future, we could assumingly start seeing a pre-op transsexual silhouette will feature a man in a dress with a slight bulge, and a burqa wearing Muslim women with 10 babies yanking at her Islamic robe to represent equality and diversity. So we presume anyway…

Well, in quoting Tesco’s corporate slogan: “Every little helps”… right?!

Maybe what else might help to showcase diversity would be to get more women pushing those shopping carts out in the blitzing cold rather than men still doing the manual labour roles that women simply do not want to do.

This is probably the same reason why we don’t see female garbage collectors, or the fact that only 1% of construction workers are female. But whatever, we’re all created equally, right?

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This is of course not the first time that Tesco has been accused of sexism. The leading supermarket in Britain is facing the largest ever equal pay claim, and could be forced to foot a bill of up to £4bn as thousands of disgruntled women shop assistants claim £20,000 each to gain pay parity with male warehouse workers.

Male warehouse workers who do a completely different job to that of their checkout cashier counterparts, which also includes male workers too. So, do the male checkout cashiers also get some of this pay claim cash, or is it only available for staff with bosoms? Well, bosoms of the natural variety, anyway.

In a world full of evil sexist shopping trolleys and grossly underpaid checkout slave labor women, can’t we just all purchase our gender-neutral organic cucumbers and bananas in peace, please?


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Plymouth Herald

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