ESPN Admits to Watching You Through Your Television Set

Long gone is the element of privacy in today’s technologically advanced world amidst social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, where people willingly expose themselves, sharing photos and videos to feel a sense of self importance in gaining likes, comments and popularity.

The NSA’s surveillance of the public was well and truly exposed by Edwards Snowden all those years ago, so it’s no longer any secret that your smart phones and computers are also spying on you too. Should you let it. The authorities can monitor you through your camera lens, and even tap into your conversations, which has been revealed by people having conversations about products, then later logging into Facebook and finding adverts aimed at your recent conversation. Yes, we’re living far beyond the year of George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ already, aren’t we?

The Orwellian dream has become a reality. Credit: Pintrest

This has prompted many informed people to put tape over their camera lenses on all their devices, and switch off location services on their gadgets, to simply get some peace of mind in these heavily surveilled times. Heck, if it’s good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, then surely it’s good enough for the rest of us, right?

In a world full of “smart” devices, guess what else is sold that’s considered “smart” these days? Well, your TV of course, so as the rumour mill has been saying for a long while now, these smart TV’s are a cause for concern as people (namely television broadcasters) can also spy on you through your television set. Which brings about this most recent news of sports channel network ESPN, who used to just be about sports, but since Donald J. Trump was elected, have also seemingly become a political mouthpiece for the left and the Democrats. No coincidences there, folks.

However, what you may not know is that they have been spying on you too. Yes, through your smart TV, they can actually do that, and ESPN are the first to be caught up in this scandal which they have publicly admitted to. Let’s take a look at this report from our likeminded friends at Info Wars, and find out more about this latest Orwellian phenomenon that’s sitting right inside your own living room, shall we?

How about that? They’re listening in on your living room conversations! One wonders whether there will soon be a mandatory camera placed in your home to watch you in your living room, or if some of these smart televisions are already this? But wait, what do we have here?

“One of the great new technologies we have here at ESPN is that we can look at YOU in your house through your TV!” said ESPN announcer Bill Walton as the network spied on Arizona Wildcats center Dusan Ristic from his living room.

As we now all know, and as Info Wars officially reports, Smart TV’s do have cameras installed inside their screens, so that the corporate companies, government agencies, hackers and seemingly even television networks can now tap in and spy on you in the privacy of your own home.

The Patent US20150116196A1 on LED TV’s reads, ‘The present invention discloses an LED display module, an LED TV and an LED TV system, wherein a camera component is embedded on the LED display module; in this way, the LED TV is capable of taking pictures from middle of the display screen; because the participants are looking at the display screen, as a result, the local participants at local and the other end can look in the eyes, which improves sensory feeling of video interaction and realizes getting more information from the eye expression; because the camera component can take pictures from the front side, accuracy of taken feature information is improved; and the accurate feature information can facilitate accurate subsequent action analysis; as a result, the present invention realizes wider application of LED TV’.

The camera inside your LED screen is watching you. Credit:

If you don’t believe all of this, then take a look at this next picture before jumping straight to the Patent information page where it’s all quite clearly stated that you may be being surveilled in your own living room, by anyone who wishes to do so.

Credit: TreeofLiberty

Now you know that your own living room probably isn’t that private anymore. Apparently, the announcement via ESPN was a sort of “testing the waters” experiment to slowly let the public know that they are being watched, and for them to be okay with it, you see?

Apart from television broadcasters, TiVo and Netflix can also monitor your viewing habits, whilst Samsung televisions make no secret about being able to listen in on your living room, so does it come as any surprise that there’s also a camera installed in your smart television set?

These televisions can even spy on you when the TV sets are off, and the only way to prevent it is if you unplug the set from the mains. This is another disturbing modern day reality in action. It’s not like you can block the camera in your TV set where you spend your most time relaxing after a hard days work, so you’ll just have to settle with being okay with being heavily surveilled in your own home.

Eventually the best place for some privacy might just be underneath the bed covers if the world keeps going at this incredible rate of invasion of privacy.

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Featured Photo Credit: InfoWars

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