Konami’s ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Releases on PS4, Xbox One & PC

It’s been a while since there’s been a new ‘Metal Gear’ game, so guess what’s fresh off the presses with a new revamped look and feel? That’s right, it’s Konami’s brand new game called ‘Metal Gear Survive’, and in case you were wondering, yes, there are indeed zombies the game.

The newly released Survive game is a bit of a mystery so far. At the game’s launch, things didn’t go quite as planned, as it was revealed that the game needed a Day 1 update in order to be played. Not usually a problem, however, for some players there was no actual update readily available to download, so Konami have been scrambling to fix the situation. What?!

A new game that cannot be played properly on launch day? Yes, apparently it’s true, but slowly and surely, everyone who bought the game so far will all have a full game to enjoy pretty soon.

Right off the bat, it needs to be stated that this isn’t like the Hideo Kojima produced Metal Gear games of old, as he was fired by Konami a few years ago during the production of Metal Gear Solid 5. This new game is a totally new spin on the franchise, and an entirely different style of game. This is a survival wilderness game, where you shoot and slash your way through hordes of zombies, whist building and maintaining your own military base.

Go ahead and wrangle with some red eyed zombies in Metal Gear Survive. Credit: VG247

This game’s story takes place directly after the events of the start of Metal Gear Solid 5, in which Mother Base was destroyed by Skull Face and his XOF team, and Big Boss was put out of action temporarily after he was knocked into a coma when his helicopter was hit by an explosion and crash landed. The lingering survivors of the Mother Base incident are tasked to bury their dead at sea, one of whom is your own custom character for this new game. That’s how the story begins, and what happens next is all down to you and how you play it.

Are you with us so far? No? Well, to get a better idea of the actual game before it’s fully up and running for everybody, take a look at this single player gameplay trailer below!

In this game, your character isn’t some unmovable soldier with lots of heavy-duty things on his back. You’re more acrobatic, and run through an almost open world landscape in 3rd person, whilst you fight off zombies. In some ways it’s similar to Resident Evil, but faster and more open. It’s definitely not Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies game mode, that’s for sure…

Is it just us, or is everyone else getting tired of the whole “zombie game” genre being overused in modern games, that are all trying to do the same thing? Game developers should try conjuring up some better original ideas instead of the zombie apocalypse.

In saying that, we’re not saying that Metal Gear Survive doesn’t offer something different. Being able to throw zombies off of cliff edges, sort of how radical Islamists throw gay people off of buildings, is just one thing you can do in this game that you can’t in other zombie survival games. In all seriousness, what we are saying is that soon all these games might all become a little repetitive, especially if you’re the type who buys all the games with zombies in them.

Anyway, what’s entirely cool is the 4-player Online Co-op mode, which is always online, and played with friends over the Internet as a team. Let’s see how fun that can be, and learn about how it all works, shall we?

As you can see, Metal Gear Survive isn’t a one trick pony kind of game, much like the old Metal Gear Solid games that people loved so much. But, just how will the game purists and Metal Gear fans of old react to this totally new direction of the franchise, especially without Hideo Kojiima at the helm?

Only time will tell, but early reviews suggest that the game can be fun, but also frustrating, since it can apparently become a little repetitive once you’ve waned off the notion of eliminating zombies in creative ways.


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