Three Migrants Arrested in Paris for Cannibal Attack

Just when you thought that things had been awfully quiet over in Paris for a long while now (thanks news censorship!), Emmanuel Macron has continued to secretly pursue his mission of turning France into the Middle East and Africa (that’s what you get for voting for him). His vision of socialist multiculturalism continues further onwards after replacing former president Francois Hollande in office, and is once again really starting to emerge ahead of a plausible busy summer season of foreign violence on their doorstep.

Apart from the fleeing Jewish community, the escalating radical Islamic communities on the rise in France, burgeoning terrorism, No-Go zones, and many ISIS sympathisers/ex-fighters that are living off the tax payers euros, a new problem has cropped up: The loving people of Cape Verde from off the coast of Africa. Three migrants from there have recently been arrested for attacking a man in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, which has an escalating radical Islamic population that’s very much been spiralling out of control in recent years.

This is Paris nowadays, in central Paris, migrants using wooden clubs on each other in a dispute. Credit: truepundit

These three African migrants attacked a man in the Hector-Berlioz ally at about 6pm on Sunday night, which resulted in part of his lower lip and ear being bitten off. The suspects were then said to have eaten them. The man suffered extreme bleeding, but managed to fight off the crazed African migrants by luckily being able to injure one of them in the ankle.

Who knows? If he wasn’t so lucky, maybe they may have just eaten him alive… A short time later, the police arrived (surprising since Clichy-sous-Bois is a major No-Go zone), and arrested the three African men. The victim and one attacker were sent to the Montefermeil hospital.

The police have been granted a time limit in order to interview the three African migrant criminals, all of whom are guilty of attacking and chewing on the man’s face…

Is this France in the future years to come? Credit: Wikipedia/RE5

Now we wonder what sort of criminal charges these African migrants will get in Emmanuel Macron’s lacklustre surrendering country of France, where socialism is the ideology in sacrificing French people’s well-being for that of illegal migrants. Perhaps they’ll get community service? A slap on the wrist maybe? A month or so in jail? How about immediate deportation?!

Sadly, we doubt that will ever happen, and it’s more likely that these African migrants will be let off lightly.

Maybe instead, they’ll get a new apartment from the government, more tax payer spending money, and an apology from the state, because it really wasn’t their fault that in their culture, eating people’s faces is totally normal!

In a socialist EU landscape of political correctness and utter delusion, these things can most definitely happen. Satirical comments aside, this isn’t a fun reality. Let’s imagine if the attacker was white, then this incident would be headline news across the world of this incredible savagery in motion. That’s the whole European Union double standard when it comes to the ever sweeped-under-the-political-carpet problem of the major migrant influx.

Yes, France is a lot more quiet with their news coverage of escalating migrant crime, even more so than Sweden and Germany, but that doesn’t mean that the country isn’t one of the most suffering countries under these new EU guidelines on immigration. Recent studies show that there are a staggering 777 gratuitous violent crimes a day in France, and rising.

Many communities in Paris and all over France are begging for Emmanuel Macron to help, but to no avail. Credit: InfoWars

Wow! Lucky number 7 three times in a row, repeated in a day, you say? Just how lucky have the French become under Emmanuel Macron, eh?

Things have got so bad that in these No Go Zones, France’s primary courier company, Chronopost, refuse to deliver packages in certain areas.

Paris, which was once dubbed the city of romance, is now a city cornered by suburbs containing savage migrants entering towns, and causing mayhem when they feel like it. Only last week, another migrant in Rue Max Dormoy, Paris, went on a stabbing spree near the Eurostar station and inflicted severe injuries to six people, until he was arrested by police covered in blood.

Maybe Macron isn’t so “magnifique” as people say he is, and perhaps Paris (and indeed the whole of France) is in fact turning into what President Donald Trump would say, a sh*thole country?

That’s something worth thinking about before you’re booking your romantic weekend away in the city of lights, right?


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If you stuck around to the end of this article, then here’s some bonus content for you! Check out this video of a concerned citizen’s views on vast change to the overall look of Paris in recent times. We wonder what the economic ramifications of this are, apart from the escalating crime surge?

African and Middle Eastern migrants are attacking other immigrant factions from legal immigration efforts in Paris suburbs, which is an ongoing daily occurrence.

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