USA Gun Control Push Has George Soros’ Fingerprints All Over It

Following on from the revelations of CNN paying crisis actors such as David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, whom are not actual students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in order to conduct their “Deep State” globalist agenda of demanding gun control, bans on certain guns, and inflicting serious media manipulation and propaganda upon the people of The United States of America, Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has come out and given some hardline facts about the media uproar, and their push for gun control. Who may be behind this latest agenda “push” of liberal hysteria?

Yes, you guessed it! It’s the fake philanthropist and Nazi aide, George Soros, the thorn in the side of all sovereign nations of the world, and donator of over a billion dollars to fund the push of anti-Trump agendas, wherever possible.

Sheriff David A. Clarke might just be onto something. Credit: Progressive Liberal

The Parkland school massacre left 17 people killed, and many people are calling a false flag on the incident, whilst a majority of public already know the incident is constructed to perpetrate the globalist agenda of trying to strip the guns off the American people. We’re not saying that people weren’t shot and killed in Florida on Valentine’s Day, but what we are saying amongst other people already in the know, is that this was a Deep State orchestrated massacre, from the get-go! Can you believe it? Why is that so, you might ask? Well, a subservient public without guns is ultimately much easier to control, conquer, and set up for impending doom, right?

Does America have a gun problem, or a drug, violence and mental illness problem? We think the latter. How did the banning of illegal drugs work out for the world? Did it stop drug use? No, in fact, it increased drug use, drug trafficking and has also caused major loss of life over the years, as a causation of illegal drugs.

So, why do you think the banning of guns will make the situation any better in regard to mass shootings? Let’s be clear, criminals and those willing to inflict harm on the public do not care about gun laws, at all.

Why are we not surprised that the globalist (New World Order) overlord George Soros has his fingerprints all over the Parkland shooting? This latest media craze about the banning of guns, blaming Donald Trump and pushing for this ultimately harmful agenda, has already claimed the lives of 17 students and ruined the lives/credibility of David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, just to name a few things this turn of events has caused. Let’s now see the honourable Sheriff David Clarke’s Tweet on the matter, shall we?

George Soros, the man behind the women’s march and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s destruction of the Middle East and North Africa, after the the elimination of Gaddafi, whilst gambling his money on political endeavours, truly hates Donald Trump. He hates him because he’s not a corporate owned politician, so now he’s using the Communist News Network (CNN) to spread further lies and division in America, using the Parkland school shooting in Florida, the victims, and their families to push for gun control and to implement the ideology of banning all guns.

Using paid shills like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, who’s lives are now ruined, to employ a brainwashing coup to force America to disarm is not rocket science, but it plays into the mindset of liberal idiocy and hysteria, with the ultimate goal for all of Americans to turn in their guns for good.

Crisis actors David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have been exposed as CNN actors. Shame on them! Credit: HipToro

To use crisis actors on mainstream news media to push an agenda, is overall an insult to the dead teens and their families affected by this mass shooting conducted by Nikolas Cruz. By the way, the fact that there was a mass shooting drill with FBI close to the scene during the drill is highly suspicious… Don’t you think? David Hogg’s father is ex-FBI, after all.

YouTube has now been removing many videos in relation to news interviews in the last 24 hours, with both the students affected (the real and fake ones), in order to hide the fact that crisis actors reading from scripts were used effervescently, and being coached by the fake news media to say what they wanted them to say, after the shooting had already happened.

Do you see how this is Deep State propaganda, yet? We’re glad that somebody esteemed like David A. Clarke has the nerve to speak the truth aside from us in this latest Soros’ ran anti-Trump mainstream media coup/brainwashing experiment.

Donald J. Trump has since vowed to ban bump stock gun modifiers, and even today, Trump has suggested arming teachers in public high schools, but none of this will be enough for the Deep State, as they want all American’s to turn in their guns.

President Donald Trump meets with students and teachers after Florida massacre. Credit: The Times of Israel

We support arming teachers as they do in New Mexico, but what we really support even more so is the employment of armed war veterans across all schools in America to completely rectify the situation of mass school shootings. How can the Deep State run more massacre’s if there’s armed personnel in schools? They can’t, that’s what!

What happens when guns are totally banned? Well, you can simply refer to communist nations in history, when guns were taken away – massacre’s increased and people died by the millions at the hands of their corrupt governments. Why don’t you get a grip on the world events of old, and stop being a liberal brainwashed CNN consumer for just one minute to read this?

Indeed, from Russia, to China, to Cambodia under Pol Pot’s disgusting communist regime, once the public was disarmed, people died by the millions.

Are we seeing a pattern, just yet? Is it all a conspiracy theory? Or have the mainstream media, George Soros and the Deep State been exposed enough, for you to finally wake up and smell the coffee, whilst finally switching off the fake news network that is CNN?

Lastly, we haven’t yet mentioned on Brainstain, just how much we respect David A. Clarke, but now you know.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

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