Team USA Beats Canada in Ice Hockey Shootout

The USA has a lot going for itself at the moment. President Donald J. Trump is rejuvenating patriotism, the economy, and even hope for the nation after eight years of Barack Obama. The fun doesn’t stop there, the good times keep on rolling over at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. During the Women’s Ice Hockey finals, a sport where Team USA has usually fallen short of the mark in recent times, won their first gold medal in twenty years by beating arch rivals Canada in a dramatic shootout to separate the teams.

Team USA were an inspiration in the tournament and held up strong against Canada in the final, drawing 2-2 after overtime against a team that usually dominates the sport. However, Canada were in for a shocking loss as Team USA prevailed to claim the gold. Let’s see why the final was such an exciting final.

Team USA picking up the gold medal was surely one of the great moments at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Well, apart from when Downhill skier Lindsey Vonn had stated that she wouldn’t visit the White House after winning at the Olympics because of Donald Trump, and then proceeded to not even win the gold medal (she got the bronze medal) in the Downhill event. Oops!

That’s the holy Trump effect in full motion. Nice! Now let’s check out this CNN propaganda segment after previously bashing Donald Trump before the Olympics began by stating that she wouldn’t visit the White House upon winning the Gold.

CNN and liberal news sites sure do love to protect the image of those that participate in anti Trump efforts, even after they lose, or fail in their sport, as is evidenced by a seeming liberal media cover up of Lindsey Vonn’s poor performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics. YouTube have even silenced the audio on the official Lindsey Vonn CNN interview video, where she speaks badly about Donald Trump. But, here we have it for you. Enjoy!

That injury that you just saw was from December in France, which could be seen as the immediate karma, after her earlier Donald Trump comments.

But two months later at the Olympics, she failed in the slalom after missing a gate. Then she didn’t even finish her run! She also failed in the Super G and in the Downhill her best performance earned her only a Bronze medal, to show for all her “hard work”. Some people would call that karma… Or the Trump curse…

She wouldn’t have qualified for a White House visit either way. Plus, Lindsey Vonn has been ridiculed for her comments stating that she would not represent the American President at the Olympics and she got served some serious backlash by Americans across the country and by many Trump supporters, as a result.

This year’s Winter Olympics will now finish on Sunday the 25th of February, and we have to say, it’s been a memorable tournament, with Team USA winning gold medals in the men’s and women’s snowboarding events, as well as picking up a total of 8 Gold medals, overall.

None of those that won Gold medals in PyeongChang spoke out against President Donald Trump before or during the Olympics, apart from Lindsey Vonn, which may have something to do with it?

For the full list of winners and the current medal count table total, click here! It’s Norway and Germany competing for being the overall winners at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, but it looks like it’s the Norwegians who will come out on top.


Nice one, Norway!

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Featured Photo Credit: BBC