8 Reasons Why Snow in the UK is the Absolute Worst

When it snows in the United Kingdom, it’s pandemonium and mass chaos. There are plenty of other countries that handle the wintry conditions far better, such as Sweden, Iceland, Canada, Germany, and the rest of the modern world that’s adapted to snow, but somehow in England, they have not.

Let’s admit it, snow shouldn’t really be such a big deal and people in the countries that are used to snow will just go about their day as usual, and probably laugh at the people in the UK due to their inability to deal with the sporadic snow fall.

Indeed, in the UK, on the very odd occasion that we do get snow (such as right now), it can be both exciting and a complete nightmare. Granted with all the delayed transport services, nightmare traffic jams, and slippery roads that are ready to break your bones, here are ‘8 Reasons why Snow in the UK is the Absolute Worst’.

1. Annoying Facebook Statuses

While photographs of the weather can look nice and endearing, it’s those annoying statuses from those who just have to point out that it is indeed, snowing outside. Noooo, really? Well, I don’t actually have any windows in my house, so many thanks for this fascinating information!

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2. Traffic

Traffic is bad enough, especially on the motorways where there’s always a delay over something or other, and your journey becomes unnecessarily longer whilst your stuck bumper to bumper in a none moving queue. But it’s even worse with snow! Delays and the risk of accidents increase by god knows how much. Winter tires anyone? Oh yeah, that’s right, they don’t exist in the United Kingdom, so slip away, slip away. Naturally, the best thing to do is just to avoid travelling completely, unless you absolutely have to, since grit on the streets won’t help to keep your car in place, now will it?

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3.  Public transport is practically non-existent

If you commute by bus or train, then don’t expect your transportation to get there fast, or to get there at all for that matter. You’ll be extremely lucky if even one bus or train manages to arrive on schedule, because transportation in the UK is absolutely useless when it comes to snow fall. So much so, that even a single snowflake will cause delays up to a whole day, it seems…

4. “Gritting” does nothing

Think your journey will be made easier if you simply walk to work instead? Think again, because the whole time you’ll feel like you’re on one of those game shows challenges where you constantly have to watch your step and avoid falling over – the prize being you get to work in one piece, and the forfeit being you look like an idiot or possibly fracture your forearm, leg or tail bone in the process. Oh, and gritting doesn’t really do anything either, as you’ll still feel like you’re in an ice rink with no skates on, just waiting at any given moment to slip up and hurt yourself. Better invest in some winter boots, we suppose…

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5. Work is Understaffed

After facing a painful trek through the flurry or a hideously long journey already behind you, you’ll now have a long, slow day at work to look forward to because more than half your colleagues and management can’t make it in to work. You’ll feel like there’s no point in even being there, and just wish the day would get cancelled and you’d get to go home early. Sadly, that’s not the case, as snow cancelled days simply aren’t a thing in the workplace. Even if you were snowed in by a wall of snow outside your house, you’d still be expected to come in. However, that doesn’t stop your other work colleagues from not coming into work, does it?

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6. You’re bitter and resentful to those out there enjoying the snow

While the people outside get to enjoy the day and go around building snowmen and having snowballs fights out on the streets, most of us still have to go to work as usual, despite the annoying inconveniences caused by the snow. Sure, it may make you sound like Scrooge, but who wouldn’t be annoyed at some kids sledding past in the middle of the suburban road when you’re trying to drive to work, eh?

7. Even the Early Snow-Enthusiasts get sick of it eventually

A week ago, your Facebook friend Karen posted a status expressing her sheer excitement that it was snowing. Now, she’s getting “fed up of the bloody snow!” and now wants it to go away. Well, we told you so Karen, so next time please stop with the “it’s snowing” picture posts, would ya’?!

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8. The UK is useless in wintery conditions

One drop of snow, and the whole of the UK goes into complete meltdown – schools are closed, transportation is delayed, roads are cordoned off, countless accidents happen on the motorway. Sadly, we’re not Canada, but thankfully we don’t have Mr. “Peoplekind” Justin Trudeau to deal with. We can however imagine the Canadians and also native-born Swedes sadistically laughing their asses off at us, whilst we struggle through this apocalyptic weather. We clearly can’t deal with snow, and only God knows if we ever will be able to…  Our experts say, “not a chance”.

Do you guys enjoy the snow or do you also find it to be nothing more than an inconvenience and a huge pain in the backside? What do you love or hate about these snowy days in the UK? Do let us know in the comments section down below.


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<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: Sky News

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