“Life Could Exist on Mars” Say Top Scientists

It’s one of the biggest questions in the universe that we still don’t know the answer to. No, not if Kim Kardashian has surgically inserted butt implants, or if Hilary Clinton is merely just a very disturbing hallucination that we envision while high on illegal Mexican drugs – it’s the question of whether there really are extra-terrestrial lifeforms out there?

Well, according to scientists, there could be a ‘good chance’ that we may find alien life on Mars, and finally discover whether we are truly alone or not. Recently, scientists researching in the Atacama desert (the driest place on Earth), found live microbes and organisms that have adapted to the harsh conditions there, which entails that it may serve as a template for life on Mars.

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If now doesn’t seem like the best time to contact Mulder and Scully, than quite frankly, we don’t know when that time will ever come…

Top scientists made the outwardly predictions while working in the Atacama desert in Chile, which also ironically serves as a filming location for the planet Mars in Hollywood films, due to its strikingly similar looking conditions of the actual planet. Like we said before, it really is the driest place on Earth.

Funny that, we always assumed that the driest place on Earth would be a feminist’s nether regions, but apparently there are barren wastelands even more deserted and empty. Who knew? Well, as the old saying goes, “you learn something new everyday”.

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These clever scientists found that “specialised bacteria” can spend decades lying dormant in the soil before coming back to life when there is a rain shower. Interesting indeed, a bit of wetness makes things come alive, you see?

Furthermore, in this scientific research, which commenced when the researchers first visited the Atacama Desert back in 2015, they used sterilised spoons and other technically advanced gadgets in order to collect soil samples and then analyse the bacteria. What they found was that, surprisingly, the microbes were reproducing like crazy. We guess that those microbes don’t know about the benefits of latex condoms or the morning after pill?

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So, what’s the conclusion? Well, if organisms can survive in this hostile environment in the Atacama desert, then they could most definitely survive on the planet Mars as well. Then again, if America could survive under the Presidency of Barack Obama for eight whole years, than any alien lifeform could probably survive anywhere for that matter.

Perhaps these alien lifeforms may even be on planet Earth already? Someone call David Duchovny for commentary, ASAP!

Perhaps the Atacama desert will serve as Al Gore’s next and only proof of his Global Warming and Climate Change conspiracy plea to the world. OH WAIT, the Atacama desert has been largely dry since the beginning of time… Never mind!


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: NASA


PS: In case you’re interested, the scientist’s study has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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