Parkland School Massacre Sees Mysterious Evidence Emerging

After the horrible school shooting on February 14th, 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz was arrested for the massacre. Since then, tragedy, disbelief, tears and a call for a ban on guns by crisis actors and students have come to the fold. A surge in the escalation of people seeking membership with the NRA has also skyrocketed, showing that David Hogg’s and Emma Gonzalez’s attempt at trying to ban guns has really backfired.

Now, many researchers on the Internet have begun suspecting a Deep State involvement in the school massacre. Please read on to be informed about this emerging mystery of the Parkland Florida shooting.

Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, has been called out and exposed for his police department not entering the school to protect the kids and prevent further deaths during the shooting. This has been seen as pure incompetence and part of the scandal due to a lack of action during the active phase of the shooting.

Some people have wondered, what if Nikolas Cruz wasn’t the only shooter? Or what if he wasn’t even the shooter at all?

Do you remember these initial witness interviews (down below) that surfaced in the media with actual Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students (not crisis actors) who witnessed and heard the shooting? They all stated that there was definitely more than one shooter during the massacre. If you don’t remember or didn’t see this, then please watch the video below before the post gets removed. All the interviews of these young girls being interviewed have already been removed from YouTube, as well as everywhere else. Doesn’t that seem a little strange?

The blonde girl states that she even met and talked to Nikolas Cruz when the shooting was still going on, claiming that there was definitely more than one shooter. The other young girl in the hoodie says the same thing, that there was more than one shooter. These young students have seemingly been censored from the Internet, unlike the crisis actors which have been used by CNN.

Let’s talk about David Hogg, shall we? He’s a crisis actor who claims that he’s a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, though that’s seriously up for debate nowadays. Since, there are many whom believe that he’s just there to push the anti-gun agenda, and others who claim that he already graduated in Redondo Union High School, California, back in 2014, which would definitely sit at odds with his own claims that he’s a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Take a look at these photos below, please. Unless he’s doing 12th grade all over again, it does seem highly suspicious. Plus, the notion of him being a crisis actor for CNN is very solid. After all, that’s been his dream to be an actor on CNN, all along.

That’s definitely David Hogg and his mother at his graduation in California from a few years ago. Are we really to believe that he’s a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and not part of a drama club which has been utilised by CNN? We have seen a lot of evidence that proves the latter.

But wait, there’s more! David Hogg’s father is an ex-FBI agent, and David Hogg has many ties to the far left. So much so, that he’s interrelated with John Podesta (aka the star of PizzaGate) in a separate initiative, you see? That’s right, David Hogg works for John Podesta’s ‘Center for American Progress’. That’s interesting, isn’t it?


John Podesta is of course, heavily involved with Hillary Clinton, as he was her campaign manager during her failed election run in 2016. John Podesta also worked under Barack Obama. Are we beginning to see a Deep State pattern in the Parkland School shooting yet? Hmmm, maybe not… Maybe none of this matters, so let’s move on.

But, we now encourage you to watch this unfiltered interview by a local news network of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher, Stacey Lipple, who clearly describes a shooter in “full metal garb” including a metal mask, using a rifle that she’s never even seen before. High tech stuff, indeed.

That would seem to be a lot of heavy-duty armour for a kid like Nicolas Cruz to have access to. It definitely conflicts with the Tempora girl (blonde high school student) stating that she spoke to Nikolas Cruz near the time of the actual shooting when other shots were going off at the same time, right? Very mysterious indeed…

Plus, what’s this now down below? What are these heavily armed officers doing, and what are they putting inside a pick up truck in such a rush, during the helicopter view from news cameras as the story of the shooting first broke?

What are they doing? Who are they, and what are they putting into that pick up truck? Weapons? A body? Who knows?

This seems suspicious… just as suspicious as how those other heavily armed people were caught on video at the Tropicana Hotel/Casino walking through the lobby with guns, right after the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas, right? Just who are these heavily armed people in that video, and what are they putting inside the truck? We may never know.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been exposed for his police department not entering the school whilst the shooting was happening, so it makes one wonder who these strange masked people are, and what they were doing before they exited the school building? Could Scott Israel’s reason for his police department not entering the school during the shooting, have more information to it, than first meets the eye?  Anyway, let’s take a break for a lighthearted meme. Who really remembers Benghazi, anyway?

Credit: IG

What if Nikolas Cruz was just a patsy, sort of how many people suspected Stephen Paddock of being a patsy in the Las Vegas massacre? That’s up for debate, but he was definitely not the only gunman in that shooting either. That’s what experts have said since, anyway.

So, is there also a cover up going on in the Parkland school shooting? Who knows? What if Nikolas Cruz was just a vulnerable kid with a history of mental illness and could have been susceptible to mind control via an MK Ultra operation ? Just imagine the possibility.

Credit: IG

Who is Dr. David Lubin? You can read up about that guy here and here. Information suggests that David Lubin was the co-director of the Children’s Center for Development & Behavior, where Nikolas Cruz attended at one point for his behavioural problems.

Who is Debbie Wasserman Schulz? She’s the Democratic Representative in Florida, and friends of Hillary, Obama, and Sheriff Scott Israel. Some say she’s partly or wholly responsible for the murder of former DNC staffer, Seth Rich, by allegedly orchestrating an MS-13 gang member to shoot him in the back, after he left a bar that night.

Oh boy, oh boy, is it getting warm in here and surely this is getting mighty interesting now, since she was also a former chairperson of the DNC. Now if you don’t know who Seth Rich is, then we encourage you to look him up too.

Broward County is small, and many people are beginning to connect the dots, so to speak. Indeed, people are now highly suspicious that there may be a cover-up going on, and even more suspicions arising out of the Parkland school shooting, having suspected ties to a Deep State coup to disarm law abiding Americans.

Ultimately, has it worked? Early signs say no, since membership for the NRA has skyrocketed in the last two weeks, and the goal of banning guns is nowhere nearer to completion after this tragic shooting. A poll was recently conducted by Rasmussen on whether Americans feel it’s the government’s fault, or the fault of gun control for the shooting in the Parkland school massacre. You can read about the results of the poll here.

Credit: Twitter

The American public feel it’s more the fault of the Broward County police department, the FBI, and governmental authorities for the massacre in Florida, rather than a problem of a lack of gun control, or the need to ban guns.

We finish off with another meme courtesy of the Internet. All jokes aside, are we beginning to see some suspicious links occurring between these mass shootings to a larger Deep State agenda to disarm America?

Credit: IG

A disarmed public is naturally easier to control and conquer, which is why the 2nd Amendment is in place. It was created by the forefathers of America as a constitutional right to protect them from a corrupt government. Fact!

A corrupt Deep State shadow government is suspected to be involved in this Parkland shooting incident by many folks out there, and there are certainly no links to President Donald J. Trump in any way shape or form, as these mysterious pieces of interest point out. That’s guaranteed!

So, take a moment to think about all that, and please share this article far and wide so that people can finally open up their eyes, and get away from the effervescent brainwashing of mainstream news media, such as CNN.

May all the families and victims of the Parkland school shooting have time to grieve and or rest in peace. Hopefully in time, something can be done to appease this tragedy for everyone that’s been involved. As always, we still suggest hiring war veterans or special ops, and placing them in schools ahead of arming teachers to prevent further school shootings.


Why isn’t that being done yet?

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: The Shade Room

Hmmm… Was it two or three or four of your sisters best friends, David?

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  1. Where is the forensic evidence from all the expended shell casings and recovered projectiles saying they were all matched to Cruz’s gun?

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