Blac Chyna Dating 18 Year Old Year After Sex Tape Leak

It seems you can’t flick through Twitter or casually browse PornHub looking for a quick wank these days without seeing Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend and everyone’s friendly neighbourhood reality TV whore, Blac Chyna, in some compromised position of indecency. 

Blac Chyna (Angela to her friends and f*ck buddies) recently made her grand return to the spotlight after her greatly publicised (and highly downloaded) sex tape featuring another ex-boyftiend known as “Mechie” whom nobody remembers.

Now it seems Chyna is now on the rebound and looking for love again, this time seeking comfort (and extra publicity?!) with rapper and singer, YBN Almighty Jay, who is 11 years her junior. Is this cradle robbing? We’re still not sure…

Daily Mail

YBN Almighty Jay, whose real name is Jay Bradley and who’s best known for his song ‘Chopsticks’, has not responded to claims that he is dating the ex-girlfriend of fellow rapper Tyga, who is also father of Chyna’s first child, 5-year-old King Cairo Stevenson.

What is Blac Chyna’s obsession with rap stars?! Must be all that VIP backstage access (pun totally intended!).

The reality star, 29, was all wrapped up in the much younger rap and hip-hop artist’s arms as they went bowling together out in Studio City, Los Angeles.

They were seen walking and talking and looking every bit a blissfully besotted couple hoping that someone would recognise them.

This public appearance came a day after TMZ reported that Chyna is worried that even more sex tapes could be coming out in the near future. Hopefully, it will be an improvement on her much ridiculed oral skills from the last episode, eh? As if we haven’t seen enough of Blac Chyna’s vagina and surgically altered ass already, there may be more to come, so hold onto your seats, for this might turn into a bumpy ride.

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The source added that it makes Chyna “nervous” not knowing what could surface next. Quite frankly, it also makes us nervous as to what further explicit scenes could be surfacing online in the very near future. Perhaps keeping your sex tapes and sexual escapades private, or in some guarantee of future privacy agreement, would be the thing to do. Anybody ever heard of an NDA?

May god have mercy on our souls! This isn’t the first time that the public have seen more of Blac Chyna then we had ever hoped for.

Rob Kardashian, who is father to their 1-year old daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian, posted nude photos of the former pole dancer and stripper on social media last summer, amid a flurry of emotional posts in which he claimed she’d cheated on him with ‘8 dudes in less than a month.’

The photos that were leaked by Rob Kardashian led Chyna to obtain a temporary restraining order against Rob, and the pair have been estranged ever since. In hindsight, leaking sex tapes and photos is a major NO-NO!


Now we wonder if poor little Jay knows what he’s really signed up for? Extra social media followers, maybe? With a measly 10.5k followers on Twitter, is having sex with Blac Chyna really worth the risk of being her next sex tape partner, who’ll be broadcast out to the world for a few extra likes and shares? Answers on a Black Chyna postcard, please.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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