Three Billboards Outside Hollywood, Los Angeles Ahead of The 90th Oscars

Happy Friday everyone! As this week draws to a close, we all have the virtue signalling Oscar Awards (aka The 90th Academy Awards) to look forward to this coming Sunday, March 4th, even though it’s still being hosted by the extremely dire late night talk show schmuck, Jimmy Kimmel. Unfortunately, that’s still set in stone…

Yes, the Academy just couldn’t help themselves to place Jimmy Kimmel at the helm once again after last year’s “Envelope Gate” disaster, which saw ‘La La Land‘ being given the Best Picture Award, then only moments later, it was rightly given to ‘Moonlight‘. That will surely go down as one of the best or worst moment’s in the Oscar’s recent history, won’t it?

Anyway, what we can expect this year, following on from the rest of the awards season that’s already passed, since the many mentions of the numerous sex scandals, sexual harassment stories, sexual abuse stories and the moral high ground virtue signalling pleas coming from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, which has seen actors, directors and producers vilified to hell and back. Whilst some are clearly guilty, others have probably just been victimised for exercising their power of celebrity onto consensual participants. Of course, that’s hardly okay, because they’re after the fact, pushing liberal agendas by telling the rest of the world how to think, or how to behave, and even who to vote for, after sexual indiscretions come to the limelight, which are by far worse.

The big red carpet awaits along with Ryan Seacrest! Credit: TooFab’s

So, let’s get into this! What can we come to expect, apart from black dresses, #TimesUp pins on tuxedos, and on haute couture dresses? Well, we should expect the E! Red Carpet event as usual with Ryan Seacrest asking all the celebrities what they’re wearing, as well as engaging in some major ass kissing and pulling some funny one liners before moving on to the next celebrity. Of course, Ryan Seacrest has been one of the latest people to have been accused of sexual harassment, but that’s still very much up for debate. Since, is he even straight? Anyways, maybe one day we’ll meet Ryan and find out for ourselves.

Naturally, what we can come to expect is the selection of the rightful Academy Award winners this year, for their achievements in excellent contribution to film production in the year of 2018. But first, let’s quickly go over some very unlikely events at the 90th Academy Awards of 2018. There’s no saying that they couldn’t happen though, since recently the world has been struck by events that are much stranger than fiction.

So, will Harvey Weinstein be given a lifetime achievement award this year? Nobody knows, but the odds on that happening are quite low. If it indeed does happen, and if you had placed a bet on it, you’d definitely never ever have to work again. Ka-ching!

Ready to pick up a Lifetime Achievement award, and perhaps some women too. Why not? Par for the course, we say.  Credit: VOA Zimbabwe

Will crisis actor David Hogg make a mysteriously staged appearance alongside Emma Gonzalez, screaming for the banning of guns and symbolically spitting on the NRA before presenting the Award for Best Actor and Best Actress this year? Once again, highly unlikely, but if it does indeed happen, it would surely intensify the deep state agenda that’s been all the craze in recent weeks on the topic of the banning of guns, won’t it?

Will Woody Allen finally be called out for marrying his adopted daughter? Will Roman Polanski also be called out by Meryl Streep on Sunday for his crimes of pedophilia instead of being heralded as a great film director? These hints of pedophilia are seemingly only scratching the surface of the existence of widespread pedophilia and kid loving antics, that’s all over the entertainment industry, but swept under the Red Carpet. (cough, cough)

Woody Allen is literally beside himself, as things that are still unsaid start to  emerge. Quite literally! Credit: NY Daily News

Also, will that still unnamed, high-profile studio executive, who privately met Macaulay Culkin when he was still a child star at the peak of his fame, be “outed” after Mr. Culkin had recently insinuated in a non disclosed specific interview that this very powerful studio executive hinted that his leather shoes were in fact made of the human skin of a previous child star (after chasing the dragon), who was long ago, very much deceased. Yes, we sincerely doubt that he will be exposed on Sunday… but why is this story even out in the public consciousness atmosphere to begin with? It must be just another one of those conspiracy theories, but it sure is funny that so many conspiracy theories have recently been proven to be absolutely correct… Think the scariest movie franchise of all time (a la Q drop hints style’).

Oprah Winfrey’s rousing Golden Globes speech played like a sermon for the Establishment push to counter a candidate to rival Trump . Credit: The Daily Beast

Anyway, so will Oprah Winfrey at least be spared the liberal left’s push of basically being heralded as the next President of the United States of America in 2020, such as she was at The Golden Globes? We think so, since even Oprah knows that it’s not on her agenda, nor is it a good idea to run against Donald Trump. But, let’s give the greatest day time talk show host of all time a break, shall we? She’s not running!

Now this year, to break up the monotony of previous ceremonies, will the Academy Awards run an additional segment this year, alongside all of those who have died in the entertainment industry in the past year, then immediately after, include another segment with all of the dead children, teenagers and forgotten former child stars that have died in mysterious circumstances, most of which include the causation of drug overdoses’, since their fame expired, within the industry in the last thirty years, at least?  This still remains highly unlikely… Just as unlikely as Corey Feldman making an appearance on the Red Carpet this year.

Suspicious death figures though, of dead former child stars dying from drugs, since perhaps it’s down to a grand number of them, numbing their pain with drugs after the systemic sexual abuse within the industry, just maybe?

Will there ever be justice for people like Corey Feldman, or better yet for the many deceased child stars? Will they ever be heard? Credit: Celebs Net Worth Today

Anyway, let’s move back to the secrets of widespread pedophilia in Hollywood and the film industry. Just a couple of days ago, in the spirit of a great film nominated in numerous categories this year, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri‘ – which stars the ever graceful actress, Frances McDormand, and is about a mother who erects three billboards in her small home town, aimed at the Police Officers who failed in the investigations of her daughter’s murder – but now just outside Hollywood, three billboards mysteriously appeared ahead of the Oscars awards, touching upon the major ‘Elephant in the Room’ that’s seemingly overshadowed by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

Let’s now see them in sequential order, shall we? The work of secret street artist, Sabo, is a thing to behold and cherish in these times of people in power, avoiding the major issues in Hollywood, especially amidst their virtue signalling ways.

The work of Avant Garde artist Sabo, which recently appeared near Hollywood, ahead of Sunday’s 90th Oscars Awards. Credit: CBC

In the spirit of ‘Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri’, there was more to Sabo’s ingenious work, all placed one after the other. Let’s bring out the second billboard now! Works like these here, give modern art a whole new meaning, and we’re not including the Satanic spirit cooking of Marina Abramovic into that equation, either!

The beautifully honest work of SABO. Credit: SABO

Now we’re finally getting somewhere, aren’t we? One wonders if the well renowned director and producer Bryan Singer (who has a penchant for a taste in kids), who’s still slated to direct another X-Men film, will take any offence to these billboards, at all?

Sabo didn’t stop there. Being a conservative artist, he’s literally sticking it to the face of Hollywood, since they apparently hate anyone that’s got any conservative views that don’t align with their own Satanic agendas, which much of Hollywood practices and preaches as part of the industry like gospel. It was only befitting that Sabo would end it pointing out the very hypocritical logic, right?

Yes, “shut the hell up!” Hollywood. Credit: Downtrend

Yes, in a place where pedophiles are protected, but conservatives and libertarians are boycotted (despite having much talent) in order to serve the greater good of a seemingly biased, satanic agenda, it’s only fair to say that the work of Sabo is not only street art of the highest calibre, but also perhaps considered fine art in these days of disgusting liberal Democratic bias.

Whether pedophilia is used as blackmail material in certain circles, or is just a disgusting thirst of enabled Satnic demons gone wild, perhaps it’s no surprise that utterly diabolical acts such as those are carefully covered up in the industry? If the public knew about these on-going acts, then Hollywood would collapse like a House of Cards – and we’re not even speaking about Kevin Spacey, who isn’t really the problem at all…

Let’s just all avoid the issues and the notion of the long running pedophilia problem in Hollywood being present, and just not speak about it, right? Instead, let’s all enjoy the 90th Academy Awards this Sunday. Here’s to Jimmy Kimmel, CHEERS!”

We can’t wait to see who the winners are, and what might be said and done during the 2018 Oscars. It’s always exciting! What might occur during this awards ceremony is all part of the anticipation, but moreover, what should be celebrated is the excellent achievements in filmmaking, devoid of celebrities telling others how to live their lives, and throwing their political agendas around onto others, whilst Pagan alternative lifestyles run rife in Tinseltown, but when, pedophilia is actually apart of that, that’s never ever going to be acceptable! Is it? Word!


That’s our Two Cents on the matter!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: 20th Century  Fox

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