How Russian Troll Bots Are Taking Over World Elections

With Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election picking up some Fake News heat, once again (and going absolutely nowhere), we thought that we would do our own special investigation into this Russia probe and see what we could find. Believe us, this is going to be very special, indeed.

Whenever there’s any doubt as to why 63 million Americans voted for Donald Trump, there’s an ongoing special counsel investigation into the mysterious Russian trolls and supposed Russian bots that have been scheming to take over America by tricking people into voting Republican. By no means has this been implemented to somehow explain Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party’s landslide loss to Donald Trump, nor is it being used to cover up the many scandals of the Democrat party for the past eight years, either.

Seemingly, people are still not content with the fact that Donald Trump ran a far greater campaign with far better speeches, plus with far greater reach across all of America, thus heavily connected with Hillary’s forgotten deplorable’s, and even fulfilled his many campaign promises already, unlike the four secret society aligned globalist President’s that came before him. Clearly there really must be some mysterious Russian troll farm or Russian super robot residing somewhere, who is responsible for all of this, right? Let’s find out!

In our first photographic evidence of a Russian troll farm, one of our inside sources has captured this with his secret recording device in the Ural region. The fabled Russian trolls were seen passing through a train station aboard a Russian locomotive, presumably on the way to the actual troll farm in question.

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Credit: Niqnaq

Absolutely shocking! It’s clearly undeniable at this point; Russian trolls are very real and they may well take over the world very soon!

Many educated people may be thinking, just as to why there’s been no special investigation into the Obama-Iran nuclear deal (which took place on an airport runway with billions of dollars in cash given away), or just as to why there’s been no further digging into the child trafficking ring (Pizzagate), or even how former DNC staff member Seth Rich was murdered in cold blood, or just how did those 33,000 emails from a private email server, just mysteriously disappear without a trace, making Hillary Clinton get away scot-free? One might ask…

Don’t worry about any of that, because there’s something much more pertinent to uncover, isn’t there? What exactly is that, you may ask? Russian robots! Of course…

Yes, Russian bots as they’re now more commonly known, that exist somewhere in between the world of spam and phishing rods, hoping to catch the big one, just like how somebody caught John Podesta out in his email inbox and subsequently unearthed his undeniable taste for pizza, amongst other peculiar interests and hobbies, such as handkerchiefs and a used map left behind at some pool party. But, let’s not jump to any conclusions here; since John Podesta might still use the old paper style road maps, instead of let’s say Google maps or even a GPS…

Perhaps it was just an old pirate map or something… Sort of like in Spielberg’s ‘The Goonies’ motion picture about a group of misfit children trying to find an ancient pirates valuable treasure.

Related image

Credit: TheDailyBeast

Indeed, stranger things have happened, but “spirit cooking” and “wet works” are definitely not apart of anything stranger that has ever happened, anywhere! Well, at least coming out of the DNC, so to speak…

So, let’s just all blame the presumption of Russian bots, shall we? They are said to be some sort of scientific cross between canned spam and the most top secret alien technology known to mankind! Or should that be peoplekind?

Image result for robot terminator gif

Credit: Terminator

What about Democrat voter fraud, with illegal immigrants and the dead creeping up from their graves every four years, in order to just vote Democrat?

It’s long been a dismissed reality by the Democrats, since such things do not even exist. You cannot rig an election! You just have to take Barack Obama’s word for it.

But, with the existence of bath salts and zombie symptoms being widespread these days, perhaps the Dems’ have an explanation as to why so many dead people are arising from their graves to vote for them, in recent elections?

Image result for mexican zombies gif


That picture up there looks like the line at a future Democrat voter registration desk, but HEY!”, let’s not do a special investigation into how President Donald J. Trump also won the popular vote, given if you would’ve discounted all the dead people and illegal immigrants that participated in the 2016 election, right?

But, let’s get back to the Russians now, for our final piece of photographic evidence, also sourced by our very secret insider, which should prove the terminology of a “Russian Hacker” beyond a shadow of a doubt. His name, Orlov Hackerovski…

Hackerovski is seen here at the command nerve centre, which ultimately cost Hillary Clinton the election and caused 63 million Americans to vote for Donald Trump. Credit:

Phew. That was quite the whirlwind investigation, but surely we found some stellar evidence to support the claims of our captivating headline, didn’t we?

Let’s keep our eyes and ears peeled for further evidence of Russian meddling emerging out of this major threat to sovereign nations and their elections, and to that of the meagre minds of the people that would physically vote for somebody based off of their own accord. Wait a minute, something isn’t right here… We must get to the bottom of it, sooner or later…


Brainstain, over and out!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Sci Fi

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