The ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Is The Latest Generation Z Online Trend

Oh Generation Z, just when we thought you couldn’t be any more stupid by swallowing Tide Pods, you then proceed to “out stupid” yourselves by deliberately burning your skin on piping hot stoves. Really? When is that cosmic asteroid coming to wipe out humanity, please? 

Aptly called the “Hot Coil Challenge”, this latest online craze involves people pressing their bare naked skin onto red hot coils atop of stoves, thus suffering burns and of course, after that they post the proof to social media for all their followers to bear witness to their amazing achievement in life.

Originally beginning on Reddit (where else?) participants of this dangerous challenge have uploaded videos on YouTube of themselves placing their arm on a lit stove followed by agonizing screams of pain as their skin gets burnt from the intense heat.

One participant critically disfigured their forearm into a smouldering third-degree burn by pressing it directly onto a red-hot electric stove in a video posted online. In the video, which has ranked up thousands of views since it was originally uploaded sees smoke rise from the burn as the participant looks to the camera in distress.

No One Cares

“Holy fuck! That was pretty cool!” the cameraman proclaims, seemingly unconcerned about the fact that his dim-witted friend’s smoked flesh is currently smelling like a human barbecue in the air.

Maybe not intentionally setting yourself on fire and permanently scaring yourself for life in order to get a few shares, likes and followers on social media would help you not looking like a burnt piece of toast?

Thankfully however, more mentally stable people are actually uploading videos mocking the trend and encouraging young people not to partake in the challenge, which gives us some hope for society as well as the future of our children.

Google Plus

Twitter has been mostly critical of this brainless passing fad with many ridiculing the Democrats’ debate to lower the legal voting age to 16-years old. Well… if this is the kind of decisions the younger generations are making, then let’s all consider the more logical step and that’s to raise the voting age to at least 21-years old, just to be on the safe side.

“I don’t want no clueless teenager to be able to vote for legislation that effects my well-being when they are deliberately burning themselves on a hot stove for 15 minutes of fame” one Twitter user candidly wrote.

While another user summed up the stupidity of the online challenge, with this, “Only humans are stupid enough to do shit like this. An apocalypse would soon sort it.”

YouTube has yet to respond to the “Hot Coil Challenge”, but health officials have warned those who participate in it can suffer some very serious and long lasting consequences, such as first, second and third degree burns.

Let’s just hope this idiotic trend ends quicker than the Tide Pod one, if only to relieve overpacked hospitals and to prevent more lunatic kids from engaging in crazy social media antics that they will later regret.

Why can’t people resort back to the more wholesome and productive activities, such as knitting and baking cakes, for instance?

Meanwhile, on the thought of Generation Z, please excuse us whilst we put our head into an oven.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Sick Chirpse

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