Ocean Wisdom ‘Wizville’ Album Review

It’s been almost three weeks since the release of Ocean Wisdom’s second studio album ‘Wizville’, released on High Focus Records, and now given the right amount of listening time, we wanted to review this album and say that it’s an excellent follow up to Ocean Wisdom’s outstanding debut album ‘Chaos ’93’. 

Camden born and Brighton raised artist Ocean Wisdom aka Wizzy, made huge waves with his debut album, displaying his own original lyrical style and unmatched talent on the mic, which is rare in the face of modern day music, with mumble rappers and commercially boring artists, aplenty. Since what people really want to see is raw talent and that’s what Ocean Wisdom embodies, since he always body’s the beat.

After the success and response to ‘Chaos ’93’, there was a long wait for the hotly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Wizville’, which comes with twenty one tracks and it’s definitely the must have album of the moment in urban music, with overall influences from Hip-Hop, Grime, Dubstep and Rap, which as an independent artist reaches across the ponds of talent in a ‘checkmate of originality’, plus we believe that the album is expected to retain that title for much of 2018.

We spent quite a bit of time listening to this new album over the last few weeks, and we can pleasantly appraise that apart from the already released music videos for tracks like ‘Eye Contact’, ‘Don’, and the hard hitting ‘Brick or Bat’, which echoes a similar sound reminiscent of early Onyx in the production, but in its own original Ocean Wisdom style.

Onwards, onto the heavy deep base single, which entered into the UK charts, entitled ‘Revvin’ featuring Dizzee Rascal, lays weight to the claim that there haven’t been many more creatively abstract and naturally gifted lyricists on any one track together, in a very long time or ever.

Credit: High Focus Records

If you haven’t checked out ‘Revvin’ just yet, then now would be the time to do just that. In saying that about the videos and released singles, that you can catch on YouTube, this is an album that goes far deeper than just those mentioned tracks, setting ‘Wizville’ apart from those artists that drop a few singles and the rest of the album doesn’t quite measure up.

‘Wizville’ features equally memorable tracks within it, since many reviews won’t mention those, we thought that we would, along with the legendary features from artists such as Method Man, Roots Manuva and Rodney P, to name just a few.

‘Ting Dun’ comes out of the blocks as Track 4, featuring Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan, setting up the album for an impressive ride of certified quality, with a marauding sound that will have you hooked and reaching for the loop button, given its dark essence and Ocean Wisdom’s pacy rhyme style, when he decides to pick up the pace.

The track ‘Life’ is a pure inspirational Hip-Hop medley with strings, which brings the pace back down to normal speed and its chorus echoes a positive message, in the vein of “keep on moving” and in avoiding any negativity in life. This is the track to walk down the street to, with sufficient headphones, with a definitive purpose.

‘Righteous’ with Roots Manuva and Rodney P, brings the UK legends aboard, for this infectious track with piano keys, with a righteous chorus. Nice! The track ‘Swoosh’ delivers a chilling and eerie slow paced beat, which will have you feeling crucial, with Wisdom’s immaculate rhyme style, nodding’ your head to the overall vibe and even reciting the chorus (once you get it). Then onto ‘Tiptronic’ featuring P Money, which will lighten the mood a bit, until ‘Western Road’ brings back the dark elements that very much encompass the lyrics within.

Credit: High Focus Records

Other notable tracks include ‘Officers’, which is another standout song, with a lean futuristic sound, then the song ‘Menacing’ brings more night time vibes to the fold, something that would surely enhance your evening drive. Lastly, the hidden bonus track, finishes the album off on a very strong note, which might just even be one of the best tracks on there.

That’s our take on the album so far, but we haven’t listened to it enough, or we haven’t had enough of it just yet, proving that it’s an album that will also grow on you over time, enabling you to listen to it, over and over again. Isn’t that what any artist should strive for?

This is a stellar sophomore album and follow up to ‘Chaos ’93’ from Ocean Wisdom and in providing 21 tracks on ‘Wizville’, you can tell that the work ethic is strong and with his determination to bring that many songs out on one album, means that Ocean Wisdom will never sell you short.

If you enjoy Hip-Hop, Rap, Grime or just any urban music in general, you definitely need to get yourself a copy of ‘Wizville’, plus if you haven’t already got ‘Chaos ’93’ then you better get that also! So, feel free to purchase the albums from Amazon down on the links provided below or just buy it from any of the other good retail or digital stores.


Then you can truly take a trip into Wizville!

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