‘A Way Out’ Releases This Week on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Hold onto your seats as this is the GAME that we’ve all been waiting for! Yes, can you recall last year’s E3 game conference when we were teased with an upcoming game about breaking out of prison? Well the day is finally coming! This Friday on March 23rd, EA Originals releases ‘A Way Out’, which is a dramatic action adventure game packed with suspense, where you’ll have to use your guile and with aplenty in order to manifest your freedom away from the maximum security prison. You literally need to find “a way out””

It was only a couple days ago when we sat back and thought to ourselves, “when will this most epic game by hitting the shelves?”. Truly an original idea and game, so it’s befitting that EA Originals are rolling out his hotly anticipated game. Now, if you can’t quite understand why we’re so excited about this game, then by all means check out this trailer below. It’s clear that you’ll soon be able to live out your ‘Alcatraz’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Prison Break’ dreams/nightmares, but with a completely original story, courtesy of Lebanese writer, Josef Fares.

So, let’s check out the trailer now, and get a good sense of what this story is all about and what we can come to expect from this new game.

How cool is that?! The game is so innovative that in the essence of more and more games being played online in a community in multiplayer mode, such as with ‘Friday the 13th’ for example, ‘A Way Out‘ works in much the same way, where you can play it online (or in a split screen co-op between two players), with no single player mode. This naturally makes the game more interactive and probably just how a prison break would actually work, since your escape relies on others being able to perform tasks to complete the mission in multiplayer mode.

The game plays out in cinematic 3rd person perspective and you either control Leo or Vincent, who hatch a plan to escape the prison and your task is to get them out and keep them free from being recaptured. Imagine that! Tension, stealth, suspense, drama! Whilst you may be tasked to find the bolt cutters to clip through the fence, your c0-player might have to distract the prison guard. It’s a team game and it has most definitely already captured the imagination of plenty of gamers already, that have truly been waiting on this new game for quite a long time.

The game has been developed out of Hazelight Studios in Sweden, and is directed by film director, Josef Fares for EA Originals. This game already has the hallmarks for a truly memorable innovative title, with a gripping storyline and as long as you think you got what it takes to get out, then it’s most definitely going to be an epic game to play with your real life friends or even online friends.

Pre-order yourself the game on the link below and we couldn’t wait to alert you about this, just so that you’ve got ‘A Way Out’ on your doorstep this coming Friday.


Happy Gaming Everyone!

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Featured Photo Credit: 3DNews

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