Full Blown Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, and Here’s The Proof

It was only a matter of time before we fully went in on this burgeoning crisis of identity for future generations, sparked by their seemingly liberally deranged parents that wish to turn the children of the future into mentally unstable adults, who seemingly do not even know who they are anymore. Yes, the furore of so-called liberalism and non-traditional gender neutrality is going to cause an epidemic of grand proportions, once these liberally indoctrinated parents start having children of their own.

What are we talking about, you might ask? Well, surely by now you have noticed the agenda of the mainstream media and even online publications that somehow, through socialist ventures of political correctness, are pushing the notion that children should be able to choose their gender before they can even be properly potty trained, drink a beer, vote, or even join the military.

Surely, the last bits mentioned are a bit on the jokey side, but this is by no means a joke, and the parents that insist that children under the ages of five years old or even ten years old, should try to dispel the two biological genders and instead just choose who they are, are most definitely emphasising the trending idea that full blown liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Don’t believe us? Then do watch what’s happening in Europe with these said liberal parents, confusing their children in these destructive ways in relation to gender identity.

Just imagine how confused and ultimately mentally scarred these children will turn out to be in the future, after their parents have finished with them. Is there perhaps a reason why many transgender people do experience hardships in their future lives, once they decide to adapt another gender, even without them being PUSHED into choosing something against their biologically natural gender, before they can even think properly?

But it isn’t just in Germany, Sweden, and other socialist European countries where this sort of mentality is rife nowadays, but also in California for instance, where at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach, there was the transgender reading hour, which the Church of Satan also tweeted out their support for. What a coincidence, right?

The transgender reading hour in Long Beach is a real thing at the Michelle Obama Library, with the educator all dressed up in the foreground. Is this the Obama legacy? Credit: RestoringLiberty

Sure, if somebody is born into the wrong body, then by all means, go through the gender reassignment process, but do not as parents, push your children to choose their gender, or force boys to wear dresses or make girls dress like boys, for ultimately it will do nothing but confuse them and also perhaps ruin the sanctity of how God may have intended you to be.

Would you want your boy to wear a dress before they can even form their own beliefs or views on life and even themselves, just because you’re a deranged liberal? Or would you rather let nature take its course, let the child grow up first, and then let them make their own informed decisions as an able human being, perhaps?

We just wonder where these harmful PC socialist gender confusion ideologies even come from, or did we already show you? It sure is strange, how throughout all the years of humanity, we seemed to be doing just fine with two genders all along, without force feeding children ideas about being able to switch genders and shunning the biological traditions of science, in order to just be progressively incorrect.

Here’s two seeming young boys, dressed up like princesses by their parents, since they’ve been encouraged to do it via gender neutral parenting. Credit: TheIndependent

Why is this liberal derangement syndrome on gender identity so prevalent in the still young adult generations of today? Well, with mass indoctrination in the education system being prevalent for many years already and even more so today, we seemingly have had the pleasure to miss out on this liberal brainwashing, since we progressed into adult life way before this ever began and we would no doubt also have questioned their origins.

So, don’t even get us started on gender pronouns and 71 genders, as they’re fickle and confusing even for the most liberal of people, so what ever happened to boys and girls?

But, if you’re in the wrong gender then pursue a change, but today’s liberal parents are encouraging gender confusion and even messing up their kids minds. So, where’s this bizarre agenda even coming from? Answers on a NWO postcard please…

On a side note, we also heard through the grapevine that fake philanthropist billionaire George Soros, won’t be happy or content, until you can eat a baby for breakfast and then afterwards marry a dog.

Well, if this liberal agenda continues unopposed, then at this rate, in twenty years time, that may all be possible. Luckily there are still countless people out there that would be naturally against that notion ever becoming a reality.

So quite clearly, full blown liberalism is a mental disorder, and we’re still helping to find the cure by informing the masses on a daily basis.


Brainstain, over and out!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Libertarian Country

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