Are Matt Groening and The Simpsons Time Travellers?

The longest running television series in history is The Simpsons, which has surely touched all our lives in some way, with their lovable characters, such as Homer, Lisa, Bart and Marge, and in producing a whole town of Springfield for us to enjoy and we secretly wish that it never ends, since there’s even going to be a thirtieth season following on from season twenty-nine. The Simpsons recently surpassed the TV series Gunsmoke to become the longest running series in history. Success!

Sure, there was a time when allegedly some seasons weren’t as good as others, but you simply cannot deny that The Simpsons, are far superior in their humour than any other animated series (sorry Family Guy!) and the intelligence coupled with even supposed predictive programming, makes the show about Springfield, a never ending treat with multiple levels of comedy and enlightenment all encompassed.

Now we’ve all heard about The Simpsons predicting the future, haven’t we? Some instances of The Simpsons predicting the future have included things like the Ebola virus, the iPod, FaceTime, the notion of the NSA spying on all of us, most recently Toys ‘R’ Us going out of business after they predicted it back in 2004, and some would even go as far to say that they hinted at 9/11 many years before it happened. Other instances of predictions coming true include machine voter fraud, to Donald Trump’s majestic presidency (even though the real life script is now playing out in a good way). There’s still so many prophecies of The Simpsons which haven’t come true just yet, such as the Apocalypse, unless those recent fires in California counted as that.

The Simpsons are still going strong after all these years. Credit: Vibe

The Simpsons made curious mentions of the future, such as teleportation instead of air flight, and even the scary mention of cannibalism becoming the new gold. We think that people need to start paying closer attention to The Simpsons, don’t you?

With all that said, this raises the question: is Matt Groening a time traveller? Have Bart, Lisa, Homer and Marge stepped foot into a time machine and seen the future? Your guess is as good as ours, but let’s delve into some video evidence now from The Simpsons from YouTube channel Strange Things, shall we?

Is this all just predictive programming? Is Matt Groening really a time traveller? Or is it just a team of psychic writers of which we should probably join up with one day? Answers on a Nostradamus postcard please…

We seriously should encourage all of humanity to campaign for the continuation of this wonderful show, The Simpsons, since it’s not only clever, hilarious and educational, but it might also hold the key to answer all of life’s questions before they even happen.

What are we even talking about?! Well, perhaps you haven’t given The Simpsons the credit that they are really due, just maybe?

Are they psychic? Do they hold the inside information on the world? Are the writers actually aliens sent from another planet, or are they just damn good at predicting the future and entertaining us all?

Now for some more freakily insightful evidence on just how Matt Groening and The Simpsons are quite possibly in possession of a time machine. What you’re about to see is nothing short of spectacular. Watch the details!

Conspiracy theories aside, many people will simply say that The Simpsons are part of the Illuminati, but that would be sort of a basic assumption. We’d rather believe that The Simpsons, Fox and Matt Groening are just clued up on what’s really happening in the world, and they cleverly implemented secret knowledge into their epic episodes for us all to discover much later.

Everybody loves mystery, since mystery sells, so when it’s all encompassed in the best animated creation of all time, perhaps it’s time to start paying attention! As if you all didn’t already notice Millhouse wearing a full burka at the University of Michigan in thirty years into the future on The Simpsons, eh?

Why is Millhouse wearing a burka? Hmmm, we must all really protect western culture! Credit: JournalofaJournalist

The Simpsons are giving us fair warning about future events, and as such, we believe they need to go far beyond the thirtieth season! Don’t you? In a time where freedom of speech is under threat and many nations are succumbing to Islam, let’s thank God every day that Donald Trump is President, that Barack Obama is OUT, and that Hillary Clinton lost the election, right?!

Was Lisa Simpson’s position as President meant to symbolise Hillary Clinton? We think not, but it does hint at a future female President, and even if the writers got it wrong, suggesting that Donald Trump had left Lisa and America in debt, it sure is interesting of just how The Simpsons would have all this knowledge before events even happened.

So, before you say that Family Guy and American Dad are great, we’d have to disagree with you and blatantly say that they just cannot compare with The Simpsons, since the world of Springfield is the true daddy of animated entertainment!

FYI, the next new The Simpsons episode drops in just a couple of days time, so make sure you tune in for that!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Toys R Us recently shut and in 2004, The Simpsons predicted it! Credit: TheSimpsons

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