Eagles of Death Metal Singer Calls ‘March For Our Lives’ Pathetic & Evil Eye Gloves

It’s been a full three days since the virtue signalling March for Our Lives rally spearheaded by shill puppets David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez (as well as George Clooney and Kim Kardashian), in an attempt to try and take away people’s rights to bear arms. Naturally, the rally has divided a lot of opinion in recent days, since the scenes were also likened to when Adolf Hitler used children to encourage everyone to disarm before he sent millions of people away to concentration camps to their imminent deaths in gas chambers.

After the rally on Saturday, lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal band, Jesse Hughes, who was caught up in the November 2015 Bataclan terrorist attack in Paris which killed 130 people and injured a further 89 people in front of his eyes (in just a portion of an unfathomable terror attack which killed a total of 139 and seriously injured 413 people across the city), reacted to the scenes of March for Our Lives with some Instagram posts of his own, and he made his feelings known to the public.

Jesse Hughes outside the Bataclan Theatre in 2015, after the massacre in Paris. Credit: GettyImages

The now deleted posts which Jesse Hughes posted under his Instagram name “FatherBadAss”, called the March For Our Lives protesters “pathetic”, and stated that the survivors of the Parkland high school shooting have insulted the memories of their dead classmates.

Hughes, 45, a proud second amendment advocate and a firm believer in people protecting themselves from a corrupt government (the reason why the amendment was implemented in the first place), sent out a few Instagram posts to communicate the reality of the situation, after already condemning the student walk outs on gun control in a previous week.

Credit: FatherBadAss/IG

As the IG meme read: ‘I turned in my gun to do my part in ending violence’, before the man replies: ‘I chopped off my own d**k to stop rape’.

In the post Jesse Hughes wrote, ”The Whitney Houston song about letting the children lead the way wasn’t actually had operating paradigm for life…..And when the truth don’t line up with your bulls**t narrative just hold your breath and stamp your feet and refused to accept it’.

He then called out student activist Emma Gonzalez for being “the awful face of treason” and a “survivor of nothing” alongside the promotional images for March for Our Lives, with Emma Gonzalez tearing up the constitution (photoshopped in) for good measure.

Not since Nazi Germany has anyone seen anything quite like this. Maybe, it’s all related? Credit: FatherBadAss/IG

He then added, ‘Enjoy your little moment….it’s about to end’ in reference to Emma Gonzalez.

Jesse Hughes, who is an avid Donald Trump supporter, naturally sees the necessity of the second amendment, and won’t be swayed by children, George Clooney or Kim Kardashian, who actually have more guns surrounding them at all times than there were at the Bataclan theatre in Paris for protection. Actually celebrities always have armed bodyguards around them, and that’s a fact. France on the other hand has very strict gun laws and are susceptible to many shootings, as we’ve already seen in the last few years.

Previously, Jesse Hughes had also pointed out that after the 2015 terror attack on the Bataclan in Paris, Muslims were seen celebrating outside the theatre after the shooting had unfolded. Naturally, Jesse Hughes was also criticised for telling that nasty truth.

Credit: FatherBadAss/IG

So given his experience in being in a mass shooting, Jesse wrote the following after becoming enraged by March for Our Lives. Can you blame him? The answer is “NO!”

The Eagles of Death Metal singer wrote, ‘Then take multiple days off of school playing hooky at the expense of 16 of your classmates blood….!…. it might be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and disgusting……

As the survivor of a mass shooting I can tell you from first-hand experience that all of you protesting and taking days off from school insult the memory of those who were killed and abuse and insult me and every other lover of liberty by your every action.’

The March for Our Lives protest seemingly had been organised by the same shadow government who also provided us with the meaningless Women’s March last year, but this time the march regarding the banning of guns, after the 17 victims of Nikolas Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School laid dead on Valentines Day.

However, there was no uproar of voices heard from Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg when a police man shot and killed a school shooter in Maryland, which they’re now claiming was a self-inflicted wound only today, so as not to destroy the narrative of March for Our Lives. Never mind, that Guns actually protect people, when in the right hands. Funny that?!

As the other post (1791) from Jesse Hughes shows, the second amendment isn’t going anywhere, and many people are highly suspicious as to why the government would require you to disarm in the first place. It is highly suspicious indeed, but reportedly, it’s already happening in Andrew Cuomo’s New York City, with his plans for gun confiscation. Now there’s a place that won’t be safe for much longer under this liberal Democrat leadership.

Jesse Hughes added this other IG post for good measure, to make his final point, before the posts were later deleted, presumably by himself, after making his voice heard.

Credit: FatherBadAss/IG

Now we couldn’t agree more with this meme and we applaud Jesse Hughes for his determination to communicate his voice under his first amendment rights. He hasn’t since not commented on his deleted posts, but most definitely his views are shared by millions and millions of people around the world, and not only in America.

Now for some chilling and symbolic explanations as to who is behind the March for Our Lives rally, and just why they want everyone to disarm. We only need to refer to the curiosity of the following, with Pussyhat creator and supposed artist, Krista Suh, who revealed she created unique gloves for Saturday’s march, with eyeballs on them. Her reasoning, as she calls it, is the “evil eye gloves” which would be seen in a sea of eyes throughout the march, explaining:

“I had a dream of a protest, a huge peaceful crowd with their hands outstretched toward the sky — each palm had a huge EYE drawn on it,”

Krista Suh with her satanic Pussyhat with pointy horns… check! Plus, with the all seeing eye on her new gloves… check! Credit: Instagram

Yes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this is all about, does it? Krista Suh wrote on Instagram, “Some of you might know I came up with the idea for the Pussyhat and the Sea of Pink in the car while driving up the 5 freeway on November 12, 2016, just days after Election Day.”

Does the establishment and deep state want your guns? Credit: Instagram

“What many people don’t know is that I had an idea, a vision, before that. It came to me in a dream, just minutes before waking up -It was a Sea of Eyes.”

“I’ve been hanging on to that image knowing that it was going to do something, mean something. I got invited to the March for Our Lives Facebook page,” she went on. “And that’s when I knew. It is time.”

“I’m calling on you to help make the Sea of Eyes a reality. To make a statement that enough is enough and gun violence has to stop.”

Well wow! Blatant occult Satanic symbolism within the Pussyhat and with Evil Eye gloves created to mark the occasion of the March for Our Lives… How are we not surprised? But wait, it gets worse…

Nancy Pelosi who doesn’t protest guns when an illegal immigrant killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco and here she is with the all seeing eye on her hands. Credit: Instagram

The double standards and the motivations of the establishment’s deep state agenda is fraught with inconsistencies, within regard to March for Our Lives, since other instances of mass shootings, and also the death of Kate Steinle on the streets of San Francisco at the hands of an illegal immigrant criminal using a gun, wasn’t even given a guilty verdict. Plus, Nancy Pelosi didn’t say a word then, did she? Nor did Emma Gonzalez or David Hogg, for that matter. Plus, seemingly they only appear when there’s a political agenda involved on the deep state’s terms.

So, did you get yourself a pair of evil eye gloves for the March for Our Lives rally this past weekend? Or did you even think of the occult Illuminati symbolism of it all? Were you hip to the skip already, or has this really been an eye opener for you?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Billboard

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