From Acting to Apps: Maisie Williams Launches Her Own Social Media App

Actress Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, will be launching her own social media app this summer. Maisie has been on the TV screen for a while now, back when she was first cast in Game of Thrones at only 12-years old, and since then, she has gained a huge fan following with nearly 10 million followers on Twitter, following on from the epic popularity of GOT.

However, with the long-running series soon coming to an end, Maisie is getting ready to launch her own brand on social media this year, which will be called “Daisie”.

Daisie is a new and upcoming app that aims to help people break into the creative industry, and to help people connect and collaborate online. However, one major thing of note is that the app will not feature a follower count, a common feature on popular sites and apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. Credit: The Verge

Talking more about the app, Maisie told Sky News: “In the playground and on social media we have a real popularity contest,”

“With Daisie, the way in which your profile will grow is very different.”

“It’s about a “chain” that you make. To make a chain you work with other people on the app, you create projects together, and then you have a mutual link.”

“The more chains you make, the bigger your profile becomes, so it takes it away from lots of people following one person.”

The app will connect creative people together and allow them to launch their own projects. Maisie believes the app will reform the entertainment industry, and plans to redesign the way people get their career break.

“In the shift we have seen, it’s the perfect time for this app. So many young people really struggle to get an ‘in’ to whichever industry they’re looking at. Daisie will basically provide that.”

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Source: The Times

While the concept may sound exciting to those hoping to get their lucky break, Maisie also talked about the inevitable downside of growing up online, including issues of cyberbullying and anonymous messaging platforms (popular examples being and Sarahah), both of which she has campaigned against before.

Maisie is not the first celebrity to move into app development, but she is most certainly the youngest so far. Before, Ellen DeGeneres helped create the mobile guessing game, “Head’s Up“, Tom Hanks launched a rather interesting app that turns your device into a typewriter. We’re not entirely sure how that works exactly, but we sure are curious.

Maisie added, “I hope to inspire other young women, that you will surprise yourself. I’ve surprised myself and I hope I continue to with the rest of my life. I think maybe there’s just a knock in confidence for girls from a young age, and I guess I’m here to prove, there doesn’t have to be.”

How well will her new app do? Credit: PA

Maisie concluded with a message to many young girls out there, including those who are yet to get their break into the industry: “You can do far more than you ever expected if you just push yourself and keep going, and if someone tells you no, you just continue on.”

It’s no lie that getting into the entertainment industry is hard work, and far from a walk in the park, but will this upcoming app be a new revolution to the app industry, as she claims? Is she targeting a very young audience to be creative, and are those the only people who would see a chain growing of your profile as something desirable? We will just have to wait and see just how popular this app proves to be when it’s released. The question remains, will it actually live up to what it promises?


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