Troublesome Children Are More Likely To Be Left Wing, Study Reveals

Kids, you either love them or hate them. We hate children here at Brainstain, and are not feeling broody or inclined to freeze our sperm anytime soon in the slightest, because nothing is worse than a disobedient little brat whining hysterically from the top of their lungs. 

But you know what’s worse? A whining hysterical teenager or young adult that’s also a Democrat, who’s commonly known to screech hysterically from the top of their lungs when they don’t get what they want. Hillary still lost! (thank the heavens)

But did you know, the more insubordinate the child, the more likely it is they are in fact a disruptive snowflake kid, who didn’t receive enough discipline or develop internal respect for authority and social structure from their parents whilst growing up.

One would only need to look at anti-gun poster boy David Hogg to see how parenting can fail a child and turn them into an unruly monster. Just look at that head spinning, vomit spewing demon child from The Exorcist as a fitting comparison to David Hogg.  Both of them regurgitate utter crap and make us want to dose ourselves in a bucket of holy water after witnessing their virtue signalling baloney.

You should have used contraceptive pills to prevent this demon offspring. Credit: Daily Dead

To back up the claim that liberalism is bad for your children’s health, new research has been published in ‘Psychological Science’ which reveals that in terms of politics and a child’s fractious behaviour, the more ‘left-leaning’ the child and their parents, the more undisciplined and turbulent they will end up being.

The research in which 16,000 participated, revealed links between challenging and eruptive behaviour in childhood to their political beliefs and influenced or swayed by parenting or external surroundings, such as teachers ‘indoctrinating’ injecting persuadable kids to abide by left wing ideologies and propaganda from an early adolescent age.

One again, laying weight to the claim that liberalism is a mental disorder. But in other words, bratty and hot-headed children are more likely to be left-wing radicals and may end up joining the ranks of Antifa or some kind of feminist movement (complete with hideously dyed purple hair and even worse body odour).

They start propagandising em’ from a young age these days. Yet more reasons not to have kids, if that’s what happens to them after schooling. Credit: The Fader

Researcher of the study, Gary J. Lewis of Royal Holloway, University of London, said:

“Findings from both studies indicate that children who showed higher levels of conduct problems – that is, aggression, fighting, stealing from peers – were more likely to be economically left leaning and distrustful of the political system as adults.”

“Some, but not all, of this link was explained by educational attainment and socioeconomic status in adulthood.”

Lewis also noted that conduct problems in childhood may represent an early rejection of authority and government, which could lead to social or political contempt in the future. However, could these impressionable kids also just be terribly brainwashed by all the left leaning mainstream news media? We think so!

Our future is screwed, as this photo clearly shows. Credit: AnnaBela Artistry

So, parents be aware that if you do not install a sense of strictness, authority and regulation into your little bundles of joy from an early age, then they could grow up wearing pink pussy hats, be very confused about their gender, and be on hormone tablets by the time they are out of their non-binary diapers.

And that is a future that quite frankly none of us want to be part of.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: YouTube

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