Are you Ready for a Fake Alien Invasion?

Imagine a world where the events of the movie Independence Day came true. Now just imagine that it was nothing more than a Deep State ploy to serve as a diversion away from the grandest, the most vile and most disgusting scandals coming to light from the Socialist Democratic left, in the form of real news. In that event, they may decide to spring an orchestrated fake alien invasion on the world, to divert the public’s attention away from some very serious exposed scandals.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? However, when impending and undeniable scandals come to the forefront of the public consciousness to the point where even the most deranged liberal cannot deny it any longer, then what happens? Well, the last card that you can play in the corruption game handbook, when the rats and roaches really need to scatter away from these unbelievable revelations, you can expect the mainstream media to perpetrate a full blown fake alien invasion.

But, how will they do it? Well, perhaps with the help of CGI, holograms, and also in convincing the public with plenty of fake news that an incoming alien threat is very real, as they attempt to divert the public’s attention away from the exposed elitist’s actions that mankind will find completely reprehensible.

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The extent of PizzaGate that is known so far, is only just scratching the surface of widespread sickness, so do your research! Credit: datehookup

The notion of Project Blue Beam was first coined by Quebecois journalist, Serge Monast, and later published in his written book in 1994, entitled Project Blue Beam (NASA). Interestingly enough, in 1996, Monast was assassinated along with another journalist (both died of mysterious heart attacks) after his daughter had earlier been kidnapped by the Canadian government, and was thereby encouraged not to investigate Project Blue Beam. So, what is written about Project Blue Beam in online searches right now, can probably not be trusted entirely.

Plus, you may not even be able to find Serge Monast’s book at all, but there are other books on the topic, and it speaks of how the elite, along with the NASA, will try to reign in a new world order and a new world religion by the use of a technologically-simulated second coming. What could this second coming be? Well, Aliens, of course!

Has Ancient Aliens been preparing you for a fake news alien invasion, all along? Credit: mindlessphilopopher

Yes, in a last ditch “hail mary” of epic proportions, the powers that be (whom are not in power) will try to spring the grandest illusion and diversion of all time, with an alien invasion. Stranger things have never happened, but don’t put it beyond the fake news media and the exposed elitist leftists’, when the sh*t really hits the fan!

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There’s plenty of things to look forward to when the Deep State’s darlings are exposed and threatened with serious jail time. This alien invasion could be a much grander production than the moon landings (directed by Stanley Kubrick), more expertly CGI’d than those 9/11 video angles of an airplane with bad masking flying past a building before crashing into the World Trade Centre, and lastly, it will be more epic than the escape of Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas, all combined into one.

Wouldn’t that be something? Plus, we could also be in store for Anderson Cooper interviewing the first ever alien live on CNN, if all of this indeed, does go ahead… Wow! That would be amazing for their ratings, right?

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Just imagine the panic of the impending scandals about to come to light, in order to perpetrate a full blown fake alien invasion production, done in order to keep the brainwashed public unaware of the real crimes of the socialist left. Just imagine that? Lets hope they try to convince the world of an alien invasion, as this would be a hilarity to behold, signifying that the Deep State leftists and their “sheeple” having lost the plot entirely, so much so, that they have even managed to brainwash themselves into thinking that people will actually believe in this alien invasion.

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Even former UFOlogist and Physicist Steven M. Greer has predicted and warned people about a false flag Alien invasion many years ago, stating that it has been a plan since after World War II. Now for some more Qanon memes, which lay weight to the fact that this may very well go ahead, if and when things really hit the fan for the Deep State.

Credit: Q Meme Drops

Credit: Q Meme Drops

Credit: Q Meme Drops

Things may surely get interesting if you turn on the fake mainstream news one day, and you’re tuned into supposed live images of an alien craft entering Earth’s air space. Wouldn’t that be something?

So, if you weren’t already aware (as we have been for some time) and you’re reading this now, then you won’t be hoodwinked by the incoming alien invasion, if it indeed does go ahead. What else would divert attention and make people focus on something far beyond belief, rather than the ugly truth of a very sinister and satanic cabal?


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I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” – Ronald Reagan (was a good President, but he also said that)


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