Three People Injured in YouTube HQ Shooting by Gender Confused Gunman

A thirty-nine year old woman stormed into YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno, San Francisco armed with a pistol and shot off several rounds, injuring a 36-year old male, believed at the time to be her boyfriend, whilst two other females, 32 and 28 years old, were also shot and injured. The man is now in critical condition in hospital, and the two women’s condition is still yet unknown. The man is not believed to be her boyfriend, but rather she had a vendetta against YouTube and hated them.

The female shooter has been named as Nasim Aghdam, a Californian resident of Iranian descent, who approached an outdoor patio dining area at around lunch time and opened fire with a handgun, where she is believed to have injured the three people.

So far, very little is known about the shooter, apart from the fact that she had a YouTube channel, and she was often complaining about how YouTube were discriminating against her by filtering her content and therefore reducing the amount of money she was getting from ad revenue. Plus, she also had a website criticizing YouTube for censorship and demonitization of her videos.

Here’s the shooter making a sandwich, that we could find. Naturally, it was claimed that she suffered from mental illness by the mainstream media. In this video, she’s making a Vegan sandwich. She’s Muslim and is speaking Farsi, which is all we know thus far, apart from that she was a Muslim Vegan vlogger.

It isn’t the type of shooting that you’d see any outcry from David Hogg or Emma Gonzalez, but we await their view, since they’re the real experts on this sort of stuff by now. It sure is strange that they only make appearances along with others, when they’re servicing as crisis actors and serving their given agenda, isn’t it?

A disturbing look here at Nasim Aghdam the YouTube shooter. Credit: BBC

However, mental illness is being reported as the main cause of this shooting, and while the issue isn’t about gun control, how did she manage to get a hold of a gun? She’s definitely not a member of the NRA (which shooters generally never are), plus in being a Muslim and a woman, this is most definitely not a suspect that the mainstream media or the socialist Democratic left were hoping for. Down below is another very strange YouTube video from the shooter, showing Nasim Aghdam as if she’s appearing on America’s Got Talent.

Indeed, this is a truly bizarre and unnerving video. Our only hope is that the wounded will survive this horrible shooting incident, conducted by quite clearly a mentally disturbed individual, who hated YouTube for discriminating against her by filtering her videos and demonetising her content.

Nasim Aghdam reportedly shot herself in the chest as SWAT Police were closing in on the YouTube Headquarters. She died instantly from the self inclined wound.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “It’s with great sadness that I tell you — based on the latest information — four people were injured in this horrific act of violence. We’re doing everything we can to support them and their families at this time.”

Tim Cook of Apple also tweeted the following after the shooting at YouTube’s Headquarters.

We wait to learn more about this horrible shooting, and about the mysterious suspect Nasim Aghdam, as her YouTube channel has now been deleted, as has her Facebook and other social media accounts.

Police officers seen rushing to the scene of the shooting in San Bruno, California. Credit: DailyBeast

What could have been her real motivations to shoot that man and the two women? Was she that mentally ill? What did she accuse YouTube of doing to her YouTube channel and why? Indications point to mental illness, so maybe she was on medication?

Her father had earlier warned YouTube that his daughter may come for them, after demonetising her channel and content, but YouTube didn’t heed the warnings, after Nasim had run away from home.

Many questions still remain, whilst we await more information from the mainstream media on this shocking incident which happened on Tuesday April 3rd, at around lunchtime at YouTube HQ. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families at this time.

But, a Muslim, Vegan, gender fluid (confused) woman from Iran, isn’t really what the fake news media and Democratic Socialists want as a narrative for a shooter, is it? Where’s David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, when you need them?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: SkyNews

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