George Soros Fails to Stop Viktor Orban From Winning The Hungarian Election

Renowned piece of trash and the ultimate enemy of the world, George Soros, suffered another election loss and also the loss of millions of dollars as Viktor Orban won in a landslide victory in the recent Hungarian election with 70% of the votes. This is good news! Yes, who would have thought that after Soros meddles and ruins whole countries worldwide in an act of political gambling in order to spread his evil, by the use of pumping money into election fraud, implementing the fake news media to spread false stories and in funding domestic terrorist groups worldwide, that he would once again lose in another election that he was trying to sway his way?

George Soros is the reason for the migrant influx into the EU, which he constructed with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (his puppets) through the Arab Spring, which has sent in millions of unassimilated migrants into Europe that rape, commit terror attacks and live off of your tax money, as apart of socialism and political correctness, threatening your freedom of speech and destroying European societies from within, as we know it, but not in countries such as Hungary, who have already labeled George Soros exactly for what he is, which is an “enemy of the world” and in our opinion, a total “piece of sh*t!”

George Soros who is originally Hungarian, is also behind the Antifa terror group, the Black Lives Matter brainwashing campaign, the coup to try take away your guns in America, and he has also been very active in trying to sway elections in EU countries and beyond. So, with his added corrupted hand within the European Union which is already well documented through his Open Society NGO in servicing bribes onto these unelected bureaucrat officials within the EU, to implement the one world agenda superstate experiment even further, however, some experts say it’s all going to falter soon.

Another loss for George Soros, the most hated man in the entire world. Credit:

Oh and let’s not forget how George Soros as a teenager helped the Nazis send millions of Jews (his own people) to their deaths in concentration camps, a time which Soros says was the greatest time of his life and which is also the time which formed his adult character.

On Sunday, Viktor Orban’s third election win in Hungary was serious cause for celebration, indeed, since it also signals intent to other European nations, that are currently stuck in the European Union, to be more like Hungary and that you don’t need to abide by the EU’s migrant quotas, of which Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic vehemently oppose and rightly so.

Viktor Orban has cut illegal immigration into Hungary by 99% since building a wall on his border, and Orban’s victory has been another headache for Brussels and the EU, in a pure blow to globalists and elitists that want to control the world. So, just to illustrate how well Soros’ evil plans of open borders has worked out for nations, you only need to look at Sweden and Germany, where they now won’t tell you who are committing the crimes (censoring the truth), but you only need to look at the rise in crime statistics, with the rape escalation, the robberies, the murder rate going up, grenade attacks, plus to the overall financial burden on their economies reaching a future breaking point and even to the obvious rise in terror attacks, which is also threatening to wake up the people in both those countries, to no end.

The latest car attack in Muenster, Germany, last week, was also done by a Muslim migrant, but they lied on the news about the culprit being German. So, as to protect their narrative. Credit: NDTV

Yes, in Sweden and Germany, people are starting to wake up and since the lie of open borders cannot go on any longer, even for the most liberally brainwashed of people blinded by the effects of socialism and deceit, much emphasis will be placed on informing people to be allowed to voice their opinions on the disasters of open borders and illegal immigration in these countries, going forward.

In Hungary, Viktor Orban now has the political power to overhaul the country’s democratic constitution of checks and balances, after winning 70% of the vote, with his government holding a major majority. So much so, that even on Monday right after the election results, the bill called ‘Stop Soros’ came into action, which is designed to crack down on non governmental organisations and think tanks, having worked an agenda on behalf of illegal migrants. An effort which Viktor Orban has been very active in stopping, so you won’t get a situation, as has already happened in Italy, with George Soros NGO’s dropping off economic migrants by the boat load on Italian shores.

African economic migrants sail towards Italy courtesy of George Soros NGOs. Credit: NPR

Janos Halasz of Orban’s Fidesz party spoke on the matter about illegal migrants, saying, “Don’t have any doubts. This is a question of sovereignty and national security. This has to be dealt with immediately.”

Yes and even after Sunday’s win, Orban has also reiterated that supporters of Soros and his liberal agenda will be dealt with in Hungary, with “moral, political and legal revenge.”

NGO’s associated with Soros, will be according to Marton Gulyas, “That means some NGO’s will be demolished in a couple of months.”

Viktor Orban and his team have identified, “Approximately 2,000 people are working in Hungary to overthrow the government in the election campaign and replace it with a pro-immigration cabinet favorable to George Soros, as well,” he told state-run Kossuth Radio.

Viktor Orban claims victory and stays in power. Credit: Radio VL

Orban added, “We know exactly, by name, who these people are and how they operate in order to turn Hungary into an immigrant country.”

So, in a time where EU corruption with illegal migrants in servicing an agenda funded by George Soros, the fake philanthropist and enemy of the world, is becoming clearer by the day, so surely it is time for many other nations to follow in Hungary’s footsteps, and deny the sovereignty of their nations to be ruined, by political fat cats and elitists that wish to profit off of your misery by running your countries.

So, be more like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic and demand legal immigration and protect your borders from this worldwide epidemic of harmful immigration demands, to protect your countries from the downfall of which the EU and Soros have intended for your formerly sovereign nations.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Washington Post

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