James Franco’s Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is Defaced

Actor and (nowadays) director James Franco’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been desecrated with the word “douche” written right onto it, on the same day that a trailer for the new film Future World that he directs and stars in as a sex crazed warlord is released. To make matters worse, judging by the new trailer, this film looks god awful. It even stars everyone’s favourite rap grandpa in Snoop Dogg for extra authenticity.

It wasn’t long ago when James Franco was being touted as a bit of genius for his performance and direction in The Disaster Artist, but since he collected the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, things haven’t exactly been going to plan.

Somebody clearly thinks that James Franco is a douche. Could he be one? Credit: GCimages

As he was collecting his award that night, multiple women tweeted out their responses to him wearing a #TimesUp pin as he collected the award, outing him for incidents pertaining to sexual misconduct and in general, in just being major sleaze in the industry.

So besides not letting Tommy Wiseau say a word on stage after James Franco portrayed him in the biopic comedy, five women came forward and spoke of their claims that James Franco had acted inappropriately with them in a sexual way. Perhaps this is why his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has now been desecrated, since Franco has also kept a very low profile and avoided many interviews since these allegations of sexual misconduct first broke.

Women who came from his now closed acting school, Studio 4, have stepped forward to alert the public of how actresses were told to perform nude or topless, and further to his simulated group orgy sessions in these acting classes, where even the plastic covering pieces of female genitals were often removed whilst simulating oral sex on them.

Perhaps all of that may have been pertaining to a new film, or just a way to convince young actresses of how to conduct an orgy scene, right? In hindsight, maybe all of that was a bit much and over the top? Or perhaps it was entirely necessary to teach the art of an orgy, who knows?

James Franco was digitally erased from a Vanity Fair cover after the allegations became public. Credit: True Pundit

Even James Franco’s ex- girlfriend Violet Paley claims that Franco forcefully made her perform oral sex on him in a car back when they were dating. She has been criticised and even harassed on social media after she had spoken out about the incident. Since she was his girlfriend at the time, this has made her a target for Internet bullies. Maybe her allegations are not so credible or are they?

However, maybe the women from Studio 4 are also partly to blame for finding themselves partaking in simulated orgies, or having themselves in such compromising circumstances to begin with? Perhaps these women thought that they were in with a shot at stardom, which is often the landscape of the sexual gravitas and sexual power structures within the entertainment industry…

Moreover, the trailer released for the new film Future World, directed by and starring James Franco, could probably not have come at a worse time, plus it also looks like a really bad rip-off of Mad Max. The film also stars Suki Waterhouse and Mills Jovovich, which may just have been the inspiration for those orgy classes, or maybe not? Some say it pertains to the film, The Long Home, which is yet to be released, which is also directed and starring James Franco. Are we seeing a pattern yet?

One thinks that perhaps these orgies were some opportunities for extras to make the final cut for his film. So, let’s take a look at the latest trailer for Future World, shall we?!

How does that look to anyone that’s seen Mad Max? Anyway, aspiring actress Sarah Tither-Kaplan was another woman from James Franco’s acting classes that had spoken out about his indiscretions, however, even after Franco apologised to her and to his ex-girlfriend personally, James Franco, his lawyer, and even casting director Cynthia Huffman from ‘A Long Home’ denied the occurrence of the allegations pertaining to the simulated orgies and those protective guards being removed.

First impressions of Future World, anyone? From the crass titling to the vast similarities to the film Mad Max (but with clones and synthetics instead) in a post-modern world gone awry, we get the feeling that we’ve almost already seen this all before, right?

Who wrote “DOUCHE” on James Franco’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? That is the real question that everyone wants to know right now and does he merit the label. Tell us in the comments section below.


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P.S. – Oh, and here’s James Franco being covered in gold by Satanic performance artist, Marina Abramovic, of Pizzagate and Spirit Cooking fame. You can also find out more about the art or ritual of being covered in gold from Satanism, when you have the time. Please also do leave your answers in the comments section down below for that. Since James Franco probably doesn’t even know why it’s happening either

Credit: WNYC

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  1. Definitely a leftist looking to destroy a person without a trial. These are not substantiated claims, and, these accusers are not heroes. It took them until now to say anything if indeed these accusations are true. What laws did this break? What out-of-the-ordinary happened? We need to draw a line now– not dig up the past. Liberal Hollywood is probably the real problem here.

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