Man Robs Bank to Try and Impress Taylor Swift

How do you romantically woo a multimillionaire global megastar who’s got a string of Grammy awards, legions of fans that adorably label themselves ‘Swifties’, and whose been intimately involved with the likes of Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston? Simple, go and rob a bank, of course…

Taking the meaning of Swifts hit song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ quite literally, a love struck stalker and seemingly hopeless romantic fan went all out in their attempt to catch the eye and affection of the country music turned pop performer, Taylor Swift.

”And they call me crazy!? LOL”  Credit: Bustle

Bruce Rowley, of Derby, was charged with robbing an Ansonia Bank on April 4th in the state of Connecticut.

According to police, the 26-year-old confessed that he had a crush on Taylor Swift and wanted to impress her, so he robbed the bank in an effort to ‘propose’ to the renowned singer and songwriter.

In something straight out of Romeo and Juliet, after the robbery, the infatuated criminal then drove 60 miles to Swift’s Rhode Island home and threw some of the money that he stole over Taylor Swift’s gate, hoping that she would see it as an act of love.

However, Taylor was not at home when the incident took place, so we guess that she knew that he was trouble before he even walked up to her gate, in the spirit of her own lyrics or something like that.

Swift, who is estimated to be worth $280 million and has a bit of a reputation for being a hopeless romantic herself, must have really appreciated the gesture or have been terribly frightened by the news of this crime culminating at her house’ gate.

”It was those subliminal Taylor Swift lyrics that made me do it, damn it!”  Credit: Sky News

In another affectionate deed, the tender-hearted robber also claimed that he had planned on donating the rest of the money that he had stolen to the Ansonia Police Department.

Rowley was held on a $100,000 bond at his first court hearing. Despite the fact that Swift has yet to comment on the incident, we wonder if she will at least help pay towards her admirer’s legal bills? However, that remains highly unlikely at this point…

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift has had to deal with the ‘endearment’ of her passionate fans. Earlier this month, a man who violated a restraining order previously in place for threatening to kill Swift and her family, was put on probation for 10 years.

Frank Andrew Hooper was arrested in 2016 for violating a restraining order that Swift had against him, when she was in Texas for a concert.

Taking ‘You Belong to Me’ to a whole other level.  Credit: Mashable

Hooper had previously sent Taylor and her family menacing emails in which he threatened to ‘end all the Swifts’. And, in another email, it simply just said, “Go to hell, Swift.”

Hooper had also previously accused the singer of spreading a ‘virus’ and that God would apparently burn Swift and her family in a desert.

We don’t know about you, but we would much rather be showered with money than with death threats, whether stolen or not… So, it sure does seem like nobody else has the same degree of crazed stalkers and deranged uber fans, in quite the same way that Taylor Swift has. And, this is truly a reputation that she may not be able to shake off.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Dawn

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