Is Mark Zuckerberg Actually A Cybernetic Terminator Hell-Bent On Censorship And Political Genocide?

The motionless facial expressions, the monotone voice and the complete lack of any human emotion. Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is most definitely a cybernetic terminator sent from the year 2029 to infiltrate our data and privacy, then take over the world with Russian troll bots.

Ok, so it may sound a little farfetched to compare social media site Facebook with Skynet, a technically advanced corporation that’s hell bent on censorship and destruction (cough, cough) but when Mark Zuckerberg’s been getting grilled by US congress over the past couple of days, following on from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, we couldn’t help but wonder, “is Mark Zuckerberg actually some sort of advanced AI technology pretending to be a human being?”

Emotions, feelings? Do not compute much with Mark Zuckerberg, as seen in congress.  Credit: MensXP

Watching the hearing unfold in Washington D.C, Mark Zuckerberg ,the CEO of Facebook, was made to answer questions from senators in regards to the social media platforms’ recent privacy violations, revealed somebody who appeared to be human, at least from the surface, but as the hearing evolved, observers were left with many more questions than answers.

However, it wasn’t just the unchanged pitch that Zuckerberg answered in that left people scratching their heads, but the lack of natural expression and body movement, also helped to make people question if this indeed, was a man or a machine?

As the Facebook CEO constantly picked up his conveniently positioned glass of water from his desk and proceeded to gulp some water down, in the most unconvincing display of trying to appear as human as possible, we were all left to wonder, couldn’t that water short circuit his hollow machine interior?

“I’m not sure what that means” was the response congress was given when asked if Facebook were willing to change Facebook’s business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy.

“I’m not sure what that means” sounds more like “Does not compute” and “Error” prompting rumours of his non-human existence.

If any further proof was ever needed to show that Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook employees are quite possibly related to the Daleks from Dr. Who, then look no further.

Exterminate! Exterminate!  Credit: USA Today

Based on his autopilot responses when quizzed over the company’s privacy regulations and the blatant bias of the social media platform’s censorship of right wing and conservative voices, we are most definitely picking up some kind of robotic droid vibes here, and we aren’t talking about the radio wave vibes radiating from the antenna coming out of Zuckerberg’s ass, either.

Well, at least that would explain why he needed that extra layered cushion, doesn’t it? We guess that even mechanical lifeforms need that extra bit of comfort (and height) when being asked about Facebook’s true intentions of surveillance.

So, how did we all get to a point in time, in which a bionic machine is telling us what it considers to be hate speech and what is deemed acceptable, as they try their upmost (programmed) to appear human, without so much as even a real a smile at any moment in time on Mark Zuckerberg’s face.

We already have AI sex robots that do a better job of impersonating human beings, than Mark Zuckerberg does. Credit: EDM Sauce

In 2014, a Facebook quiz invited its unassuming users to find out their personality type. The app collected the data of those who participated in the quiz, but it also recorded the public data of all their friends too.

The quiz gathered personal information on up to 87 million people, which was then sold to Cambridge Analytica, which later used it to psychologically profile voters in the US, and in doing so, targeting voters in the run up to the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential election. Too bad Hillary Clinton gloriously lost.

Of course, Donald Trump isn’t the first to use micro-targeting to reach out to potential voters, since the Obama campaign in 2012 did exactly the same thing too. The Obama campaign was given special preference by Facebook at the time, but of course, when Donald Trump’s name is attached to anything, darkness and a deathly blackness resembling the plague is soon to be followed, which brings Mark Zuckerberg before congress now, with the danger of his Facebook empire soon collapsing as more users abandon the social media platform.

Moreover, Cambridge Analytica deny breaking any laws, however, it is Facebook and its “breach of trust” that is facing the scrutiny of disenfranchised users of the once popular social media platform, more so than ever before. Nice!

One is an immune robot who just wants to understand humans. The other is Data from Star Trek. Coincidence? Credit: Twitter

Twitter users took to the rival social platform to voice their critical observation that Zuckerberg was indeed some kind of robotized module / hologram / fragment of our pre-conditioned imagination.

“If Mark Zuckerberg is found guilty, will he go to robot jail?’’ one curious user asked, while one commentator picked up on his robotic response to every question placed before him by the senators, stating, “The software for this robot keeps answering every question beginning every sentence with “Senator…” and has no human engagement of the passion behind the questions.”

With a potential nuclear war with Russia (wasn’t it North Korea last month?) on the horizon, computerised AI tools currently being created to flag and remove what it considers to be “hate speech” on Facebook before it’s even posted, according to Zuckerberg anyway. Then, that nuclear explosion scene in Terminator 2 in which Sarah Connor’s flesh peels away to reveal a skeleton clinging on for dear life to a fence, as little children’s bodies blister and char, turning their limbs into brittle ash, could soon become a reality.

You want medium rare or well done? Is Facebook now basically toast?  Credit: AskMen

Monstrous machines programmed with the solo purpose to cause political divide and friction, and to censor and eradicate free speech and human thoughts and expression. Erm… sound familiar?

If this article mysteriously “vanishes” from existence into the Internet abyss, then it would have proved the point that Mark Zuckerberg is indeed a cybernetic organism or machine, that wants to control and censor us all, which ultimately contradicts Facebook’s motto of sharing, doesn’t it?


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: YouTube

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