Will Jose Mourinho Really Sell Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial?

On to football news now, since let’s face it, there’s been so much fake news elsewhere, that we have to just stick with the holiest of sports in order to keep our content on track and truthful today. All the mainstream fake propaganda news that’s hovering around lately has been making us feel slightly ill recently.

So, at Manchester United, Jose Mourinho is planning a mini overhaul of players this summer, or is he? After Manchester United beat Manchester City a couple of weeks ago, United got the bragging rights in the local derby, but on Sunday, Manchester United lost 1-0 to West Brom, gifting the Premier League title to City, which was inevitable, in any case.

Jose Mourinho knows that he wants to bring in a few players this summer to strengthen the side, but he knows that he might need to put some players out on the transfer market, in order to balance the books and cut out dead weight from the team.

Players like Danny Blind, Matteo Darmian, Luke Shaw, plus even the likes of Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba are being mentioned in a possible sale, since the latter has at least not lived up to expectations this season.

Anthony Martial wants to leave over a lack of game time. That’s lose-lose for United. Credit: Bayern Strikes

However, with Anthony Martial harbouring the best minutes per goal ratio when he gets to play for Manchester United, it would seem insane to keep him out of the side, in the run-up to the end of the season, because losing a player of Martial’s potential, over not playing him, is in fact, INSANE! Word to Mourinho!

Then there’s Paul Pogba, who cost £89 million in the summer of 2016, with his flashy hair-cuts, social media marketing presence and his often lack-lustre performances in midfield for United, which has seen him be benched and or substituted no less than 7 times in the last 11 matches, signalling that Jose Mourinho may just have lost patience with the midfielder. Now apparently Paul Pogba could be available in the summer transfer window unless he improves.

Even though Paul Pogba showed flashes of his brilliance in the three-two win over Manchester City with two goals, perhaps it is now up to Pogba to prove his worth in the finale of the season, to avoid being sold, where he might find his current displays will have worked against him, in attracting another club that wish to buy him.

Paul Pogba scored twice in the Manchester derby, so why can’t he play close to that in every game? Credit: Metro

Some say Paul Pogba doesn’t work in Jose Mourinho’s system, and that he played best on the left side of a three man midfield, which shouldn’t be a problem in retrospect for a talented footballer, one would think, since any formation given, a player has to be able to play in the team regardless.

Paul Pogba has also been accused for his slack playing style, which is almost likened to a kick about in the park with friends, at times, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s almost as if he tries to do everything so fancy, rather than being a direct killer on the pitch, which is ultimately his downfall.

Perhaps this is why Jose Mourinho is losing patience with Pogba, who hasn’t been very consistent last season, nor this season, where form and statistics show that Philipe Coutinho outperformed him at Liverpool this season, even though, he left four months ago for Barcelona. Coutinho has a superior goal and assist rate throughout his time this season for Liverpool, as opposed to Paul Pogba, who’s had four months more of an advantage over the former Liverpool playmaker, to improve his stats, but he languishes behind in statistics in any case.

Coutinho has outperformed Pogba in the Premier League, even though he left Liverpool in January. Credit: The Sportsman

So perhaps this is the last beckon call, for Paul Pogba to run in some performances and actually play to his potential, with a killer instinct, when given a chance, since we are not surprised that Jose Mourinho, may place him in the transfer window to gauge interest from other sides, unless Pogba wakes up and plays his heart out for the team.

On the other hand, Mourinho would also be wise to play Anthony Martial a lot more before the end of the season, plus along with the likes of Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard, as well, since the statistics do not lie, and these players will be annoyed at not getting there just deserved chances of game time, ahead of a very important next campaign for United. You need to keep these players happy and give them chances based off of merit.

So, is Paul Pogba’s placement in the transfer window a big wake up call for the French midfielder? Let’s hope so, and let’s hope Anthony Martial gets more chances to play and that he doesn’t leave for Juventus, and that Paul Pogba will prove his worth in the coming games, when he’s given the chance.

Who will be sold and bought for Manchester United this summer? What’s your predictions? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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